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Giants news, 4/17: Exploring the Manning-Rivers deal, 15 years later

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SB Nation’s Adam Stites pens a fantastic, informative piece on deal that shaped the Giants franchise

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2004 NFL Draft Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans!

How a ‘shadow’ helped set up the Eli Manning-Philip Rivers trade, according to the GMs who made it happen | SB Nation


Adam Stites of SB Nation authors a fantastic piece here, interviewing Ernie Accorsi and A.J. Smith, at the time general managers of the Giants and Chargers respectively, to get some previously unreported details about the deal that has shaped the Giants franchise since 2004.

Smith said “a shadow” within his organization helped plant information that made the deal possible. He also called the deal “the most satisfying moment for me in my career.”

Accorsi’s summary of the trade?

“I never looked at the trade like it was a win for us,” Accorsi said. “I came into the league in 1970 [with the Baltimore Colts] and Johnny Unitas was the quarterback and he won the Super Bowl for us that year. I had nothing to do with it, but I was spoiled for life on the importance of a quarterback ... So I knew the value of a quarterback, but to me, I never got caught up in the ratings and stats. You pick a quarterback to win championships. Obviously he can’t do it alone, he’s got to be surrounded.

“So if Eli wouldn’t have won a championship, I’d probably feel a little unfulfilled. But he won two and was the MVP of both Super Bowls, so I think we feel good about it. But I never thought about as winning the trade. Frankly, I think all three of those quarterbacks (including Roethlisberger) were ideal for their franchises and they’ve all done great.”

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