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Dwayne Haskins vs. Drew Lock, Quinnen Williams, Ed Oliver

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Todd McShay talks about the upcoming draft class

Kentucky v Missouri
Drew Lock
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

After releasing his Grade A mock draft on Tuesday, ESPN’s Todd McShay spent some time holding court with media on a draft-related conference call. McShay dished on a number of topics of importance to the New York Giants. Let’s look at some of them.

Dwayne Haskins vs. Drew Lock

McShay had a hard time articulating why the impression is that Haskins is sliding while Lock is rising as the draft approaches. Why? Because he’s a Haskins guy, which explains why he gave the Ohio State quarterback to the Giants with the sixth overall pick in his mock.

“I really like him [Haskins]. I have him rated ahead of Drew Lock and I would argue for him based on the tape and the consistency of the tape,” McShay said.

“I would make the argument for Haskins but I think they’re both going to be really good pros. I really do.”

So, back to why there are increased murmurs that some teams, quite possibly including the Giants, prefer Lock to Haskins.

“If you’re going to make an argument for Lock over Haskins, hypothetically, the argument is similar size, similar arm, better athlete, 46 starts compared to 14, confidence, kills it on the board when you sit down and talk football with him,” McShay said.

“Haskins very smart, best pure pocket passer in this class, but again if you’re a scout that is pushing your GM to go the route of Lock you’re banging on the table for the experience that he has and some of the other things. …

“If you’re looking for reasons for failure, and that’s what scouts do, they have to do it, you’re just concerned about is he (Haskins) always going to be in great shape and take care of himself and those sorts of things.”

On Quinnen Williams

There is a belief among some folks in the scouting community are hoping and praying that the Alabama defensive lineman somehow falls to them at No. 6. That probably shouldn’t happen, but the more mock drafts you look at and the more scenarios you pore over the more you realize it could happen.

McShay was answering a question about the New York Jets at No. 3 when he spoke about Williams. What he said, though, should be of interest to the Giants.

“I just think Quinnen’s special. I really do. … I just think if you get an opportunity to draft a difference-maker, the way I think Quinnen can be in the league you gotta take advantage,” McShay said.

“I honestly when I was done evaluating the tape I thought he was the best defensive player in all of college football this year.”

NFL Combine - Day 4
Defensive lineman Ed Oliver of Houston talks with New York Giants scout Marcus Cooper during workouts at the NFL Combine.
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

On Ed Oliver

Does the freakishly athletic Houston defensive lineman fit with the Giants? Here is McShay’s take on one of the draft’s more interesting players.

“He could have been used differently and more effectively [in college],” McShay said. “If he’s developed properly he’s got a chance to be one of the two or three best players in this draft class. Anywhere past pick three or four I don’t think it’s a reach at all for Ed Oliver.”