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Oddsmaker sets Giants’ over/under win total at 6

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Let’s look at reasons why either could happen

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How many games will the New York Giants win in 2019? We won’t, of course, know until all the games are played. That, however, doesn’t mean we can’t speculate — or bet. CG Sportsbooks has set the over/under for the second year of Pat Shurmur’s time as head coach at 6.

Here are three reasons why either scenario could play out.

The Giants will be under 6 wins if ...

  • They are wrong about Eli Manning. Despite the recent years of losing they believe he can still make NFL throws and they can play good offense with him at quarterback.
  • They are wrong that they can play good offense without Odell Beckham Jr. The Giants averaged 25.5 points in four games without Beckham last year, and they believe with an improved offensive line and enough weapons on offense they will be fine spreading the ball around.
  • They can’t build a better defense. Shurmur and Dave Gettleman believe they could have won more than five games last year had they been able to make key stops. Well, so far they have jettisoned Collins and Olivier Vernon and added Jabrill Peppers and Antoine Bethea, but we don’t have the answer yet as to how this will turn out.

The Giants will be above 6 wins if ...

  • They are right about Manning and the offense. If Manning can still play at a high enough level, the offensive line really is better and the receivers make enough plays the Giants will be able to play good offense.
  • They improve on defense. At this point in the offseason that really means the Giants need to come out of the draft with at least one impact front seven player, preferably more. They have made no secret of needing more defensive playmakers, and the draft is where they are going to have to find them.
  • Both of the above things happen, and they stay healthy. We have no idea what the 53-man roster will look like, but it’s a guarantee at this point there will be spots where they may not be tremendous depth. That may especially be true on defense. The Giants will need their key players to remain on the field.