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McShay: Giants in “tough spot” to get a quarterback in 2019 NFL Draft

ESPN analyst think quarterback-needy teams will try to jump ahead of Giants

Melissa Rawlins/ESPN Images

In his newly-released mock draft, Todd McShay of ESPN stuck with conventional wisdom and gave the New York Giants Dwayne Haskins with the No. 6 overall pick. McShay said during a Wednesday conference call that the Giants are “in a tough spot” when it comes to their decision with the sixth pick.

While none of the teams currently above the Giants are quarterback-needy, the Arizona Cardinals could take Kyler Murray first overall. If Nick Foles signs with the Jacksonville Jaguars that could leave four teams behind the Giants in the draft (the Denver Broncos, Cincinnati Bengals, Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins) looking to jump the Giants.

“The Dolphins at 13, the Redskins at 15. Those are two teams that would scare me if I’m the Giants,” McShay said.

“We’ve seen in recent years, look at how far Kansas City moved up to go get Pat Mahomes. Look at what the Eagles did, how much they gave away to go up and get their quarterback in Carson Wentz. Look at what Houston did, how far they had to move up to go get DeShaun Watson.

“Teams if they target a guy and say he’s their guy it really doesn’t matter. At the end of the day no one is looking at Howie Roseman and saying why’d you give up so much. No one’s looking at the Texans and saying why’d you give up so much. Certainly not the Chiefs with Mahomes.

The ESPN analyst said that with those teams in mind “we’re going to see movement.”

“If you’re the Giants you’re really in a tough spot. You’re sitting there saying one of these guys could fall to us but if we wait until draft day all of a sudden two teams could jump us,” McShay said.

“It’s going to be interesting to see that chess match, and it really comes down to this -- do the Giants and their organization fall in love with one of these guys? If they really like two or think you can be fine with two or three I don’t think you move and you stay pat at 6. If they just like one and think he’s the guy and are convinced of it then I would personally give up a lot to go up and make sure that I get my guy.”

Is Dave Gettleman’s dream quarterback in this draft? If so, does he have the resources and the courage to go get him?

During the Combine, Gettleman said “no guts, no glory” when asked about trading up. We’ll just have to see if Gettleman goes for that glory this time around.