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Giants news, 3/6: Dave Gettleman being hammered for Landon Collins decision

Let’s see what others are saying about the move

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NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, New York Giants fans!

Reaction to the Giants’ Landon Collins decision was swift — and mostly harsh. Let’s get to some of it.

Duggan: Giants’ direction is unclear after letting young star Landon Collins hit free agency – The Athletic [Subscription only]

Dan Duggan writes:

Crying​ poor​ as they​ allow​ a young defensive​ star to​ leave​ while​ continuing to pay​ top dollar​ for​ an aging​​ quarterback is the latest example of a Giants franchise that lacks direction. ...

It’s bad enough that the Giants have been trending in the wrong direction for the past seven years. Worse, they still don’t seem to have a plan to turn things around.

Allowing Landon Collins to walk away from Giants will not be viewed kindly - New York Giants Blog- ESPN

Jordan Ranaan calls the move “a curious, if not bewildering, decision:

What Gettleman did with this move is send a message to the locker room: Play well, play hurt, do everything we ask and you still might not get paid when your time comes. Undoubtedly, it’s a risky way to operate, even if Collins isn’t a perfect fit in defensive coordinator James Bettcher’s scheme with his coverage deficiencies.

But Collins is a popular player. He’s respected and well liked. Don’t think for a second his teammates aren’t paying attention. They’re watching intently, and it might not be so easy to get them to go the extra mile for the organization after what just transpired.

Giants' Gettleman blew Landon Collins franchise tag, one way or another | New York Post

Steve Serby says “Gettleman has vowed to (re)build the Giants one brick at a time, but the foundation of his house isn’t nearly as sturdy today without a brick such as Collins entering his prime.”

Letting Landon Collins Leave Continues a Disturbing Trend for the Giants | The New York Times

Bill Pennington points out that the loss of Collins is yet another example of the Giants either not drafting well or drafting well and still not being able to keep those players into a second contract. Pennington points out that only seven of 70 players drafted since 2008 remains with the Giants.

Dave Gettleman better be right about Landon Collins decision | Newsday

Bob Glauber writes that the decision “will add to the growing sense of unease among Giants fans who still aren’t sold that [Dave] Gettleman will have all the right answers.” Glauber also says Gettleman “better be right.”

What’s Next For The Giants After Saying Goodbye To Landon Collins? | Forbes

Giants’ possible Landon Collins replacements: Earl Thomas, Mathieu

More headlines

Quinnen Williams shows out; McSorley's comp; QBs are a puzzle -

This is a long, meandering — and excellent — NFL Scouting Combine notebook from Kim Jones. As an aside, yours truly is incredibly jealous of the ability to be on the field chatting with players as they go through testing at the Combine.

Casserly: Murray struggled in Indy; Rosen available -

Former NFL GM Charlie Casserly says he did here good things about the way Kyler Murray interviewed at the Combine:

"Well, he better hope [Kliff] Kingsbury takes him No. 1 because this was not good," Casserly said. "This was the worst comments I ever got on a high-rated quarterback, and I've been doing this a long time. I've probably been doing it longer than you're alive.

"Anyway, leadership -- not good. Study habits -- not good. The board work -- below not good. Not good at all in any of those areas and raising major concerns about what this guy is going to do. Now, people say, we're going to compare him to [Patrick] Mahomes, we're going to run an offense like Mahomes, we're going to run an offense like Baker Mayfield. Well, you can't. ... Those guys are much different. Those guys, you never question about their ability on the board, you never question about their leadership ability, their work habits, they were outstanding in those areas. This guy is not outstanding in those areas. It showed up in the interview."

NFL franchise tags: Who did, didn't get one

NFL free agency rumors: Chiefs expected to make safety Landon Collins 'a priority' | NFL | Sporting News

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