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Alabama State OT Tytus Howard could be a potential gem for the Giants

Tytus Howard has the traits to appeal to Dave Gettleman, but does he have the skills to start?

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is absolutely ravenous for good offensive line play. With a scarcity of talent along the offensive line and rising contracts for free agents, NFL teams consistently look to the draft as a wellspring of new offensive line talent. Unfortunately, that spring has run dry over the last several years, and the draft has produced few impact offensive lineman. But that hasn’t stopped teams from scooping up every prospect they can find with desirable traits in the hopes of molding them into a starter.

As the New York Giants once again seek to rebuild an offensive line that badly underdelivered in 2018, the good news is this draft is much more promising than years past. There are top prospects at every position for every blocking scheme, and there is also a solid depth of talent and potential gems to be found. Alabama State right tackle Tytus Howard might be one of those gems who can become a good starter with solid coaching and development.



  • Massive frame with good length.
  • Evident functional strength.
  • Good feet for a big-bodied tackle.
  • Impressive grip strength.
  • Battles rushers through the snap.


  • Doesn’t deliver strikes with his punch, doesn’t fully extend his arms.
  • Obviously strong, but doesn’t play with power.
  • Occasionally lets his stance narrow.
  • Can be surprised, and thrown off his plan, by speed.
  • FCS player who will face a significant jump in competition.

Prospect Video

(Howard as the right tackle, number 58)

What They’re Saying

“Ascending tackle prospect who will require additional work with technique and in the weight room to fully realize his potential. Howard is a gifted athlete with rare quickness and fluidity as both a run and pass blocker and his play issues are correctable with more work. While he will be dinged for level of competition, his upside was on full display with his play against Auburn. He needs development, but he’s much more than a developmental prospect and could find a starter’s spot within his first two years.”

- Lance Zierlein ( - Scouting Report)

Does He Fit The Giants?

The Giants need a right tackle, and Howard is one with intriguing physical tools and evident upside. Physically, Howard is exactly the kind of offensive line prospect with whom Gettleman has fallen in love before.

If the Giants are looking for a player who can be a Day 1 starter, than Howard might not fit the bill. He has some technique issues -- such as false steps or failing to get enough depth -- which limit how much of his physical tools he can bring to bear. However, he is more than just a late-round developmental prospect to stick in the pipeline in case he ever develops.

Howard faced a lower level of competition at FCS Alabama State, but he comported himself well against Auburn and at the Senior Bowl. If he can get more consistent with his kick-slide and fully unlock his strength and turn it into power, he has the chance to be a quality starter in the NFL.

Howard’s draft stock will likely depend on how far away a team believes he is. If they don’t believe he will blossom until late in his rookie deal, he could slide to the third day. However, if a team like the Giants believes that he is closer and could be a functional starter sooner rather than later, he could be drafted some time in the second or third round based on his upside.