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[Podcast]: Matt Manocherian, ex-NFL scout and leader of Sports Info Solutions, joins show

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On the latest Big Blue Big Board podcast, Dan Pizzuta and Chris Pflum are joined by Matt Manocherian, who is a former NFL scout for the New Orleans Saints and Cleveland Browns and is currently the director of football and research and development at Sports Info Solutions. It’s an entertaining episode that spans a number of topics.

The episode starts with Manocherian talking about how he got into scouting, what the process was like in both New Orleans and Cleveland, his responsibilities as a scout, and what it’s like coming together to prepare for the draft, including how scouts divide the responsibilities and how the initial big board is put together.

Then Manocherian discusses the role analytics played back when he was a scout and how that has changed in present day. That leads to his role now at Sports Info Solutions and how the data side and football side work together to produce in-depth analysis.

All that combined to produce the SIS Football Rookie Handbook, which was released in February and presents readers with a mix of scouting and analytics on players set to be drafted in April. The group discusses the process of putting the book together, what it features, and then they take a quick dive into two positions that should interest the Giants come draft day — quarterback and EDGE.

The SIS Football Rookie Handbook can be ordered through or on Amazon. an e-book version was also just released for Kindle.

For listeners of this podcast, Sports Info Solutions is also offering 10 percent off new accounts at with the promo code BIGBLUE.

You can listen to the episode in your browser here or with the embedded player below:

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