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Draft value: Newer point model shows Giants have most draft capital in NFL

Question is, will they take advantage of it?

We keep telling you that the New York Giants, in need of talent infusions at a number of spots, have 12 picks in the 2019 NFL Draft. That ties the Giants with the New England Patriots for the most selections in the upcoming draft.

In announcing the Odell Beckham trade to the Cleveland Browns, in which the Giants added the 17th and 95th overall picks to their stockpile, GM Dave Gettleman said that acquiring those picks was part of the overall plan some aren’t really sure he has.

“As we continue to build this team, you need draft pick capital,” Gettleman said. “This trade enabled us to do that.”

How valuable, though, are those 12 picks the Giants have accumulated?

There are really two models for assessing value that are recognized by the NFL. The traditional Jimmy Johnson trade chart, and a newer model developed by Chase Stuart of Football Perspective.

The Football Perspective model tells us that the Giants’ 12 picks, based on the assigned point values, are worth more than the picks belonging to any other NFL team. The Johnson model places the Giants No. 4 behind the Arizona Cardinals, Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers.

Both models, seen in the chart below, show that the Giants are in a good position to maximize the draft.

What matters, of course, will be how well Gettleman and Co. use that draft stockpile.

“We’ve got positions to address,” Gettleman acknowledged in discussing the Beckham trade.

It seems highly unlikely that Gettleman, who has a history of moving around the board on draft day, will make all 12 picks in the draft. More likely, he uses some of that draft capital like chess pieces to target players in a couple of spots.

If you want to see the full point value of each pick in both models, you can find that at Football Perspective.