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Pat Shurmur: “Absolutely” in agreement on Giants’ Odell Beckham trade

“We feel good about what we got”

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

There was a sizable New York Giants contingent in Columbus, Ohio for the Ohio State Pro Day. While that group was there to scout for the potential future of the franchise, there was still some time to field some questions about recent events.

Head coach Pat Shurmur talked to Paul Schwartz of the New York Post about the Odell Beckam Jr. trade, his first public comments since the deal was made. Shurmur said “absolutely” when asked if he was in agreement with general manager Dave Gettleman on the move.

Shurmur also classified the move as a win-win:

“My reaction is always the case with trades, it’s good for both parties,’’ Shurmur said. “We feel good about what we got. We got a starting safety, we got a first-round pick and we got our third-round pick. We felt it was good for us and, because we were able to come to an agreement, Cleveland thought it was good for them.’’

Not all trades are equally weighted just because both teams came to an agreement, but the Giants, at least publicly, believe they got a good return for the star wide receiver. As has been the case with Gettleman, Shurmur was quick to praise Jabrill Peppers and what he could potentially bring to the Giants’ defense. Peppers continues to be the key to the deal and the apparent internal perception of Peppers and the external perception remains the biggest disconnect in how the return is viewed. The Giants are clearly high on the soon-to-be 24-year-old third-year safety, but he doesn’t come without some concerns.

Shurmur also echoed Gettleman that the decision to trade Beckham and Olivier Vernon was strictly business. On the topic of where the Giants are going, he stated he believed there is clear direction for the franchise. “We talk about everything we’re doing and I do believe we have a plan.”