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There is a lot to like about Michigan EDGE Chase Winovich’s game

Chase Winovich is a potential mid-round pick who should make his future coordinator very happy.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

In a draft class as well-stocked with talent as the 2019 NFL Draft is in the defensive front seven, it can be easy to overlook some players. Teams and media can become enraptured by physical freaks and through-the-roof producers. And while that is all well and good -- the draft is for finding top talents -- that can also lead to good players falling through the cracks.

There is a distinct possibility that the New York Giants will find themselves selecting an edge rusher early in the draft, then circling back around later for another to add to their depleted defense. In that case, the Giants could well find themselves attracted to Chase Winovich out of Michigan. Winovich doesn’t get the hype of athletic freak Rashan Gary, but his production is where Gary’s should be, and that could appeal to a team looking for a rotational pass rusher.



  • Compact, powerful rusher.
  • Explodes into blockers, creating separation to work.
  • Uses his natural leverage and keeps a very low pad level.
  • Shows a variety of power and finesse moves to beat tackles.
  • High-revving motor. Never throttles down.
  • Productive over the last two seasons.


  • Size and length will be a concern for some teams.
  • Can lose track of the play.
  • Shouldn’t be used in space.

Prospect Video

What They’re Saying

Physical edge defender who plays the game like he has zombie blood pumping through his veins. Winovich is relentless, determined and takes no plays off, but his lack of physical traits and explosiveness as a rusher could limit his upside. Scheme fit could determine his role as 4-3 defensive end or 3-4 rush linebacker, but his football character and physicality improve his odds for success as an eventual starter.

Does He Fit The Giants?

Chase Winovich isn’t a player in who’s basket the Giants should place all of their pass rushing eggs. However, if they are looking to double-dip at the EDGE position, they could certainly do worse.

He doesn’t have long arms or anything like the length that the NFL typically looks for from EDGE defenders. And that sometimes shows up when a tackle is able to get his hands on Winovich first and lock in. He can be controlled or shoved out of the play in those instances, but they are few and far between.

That’s because Winovich has exceptional hand usage with a nice variety of power and finesse moves he can unleash -- and he is absolutely relentless as a pass rusher or run defender. While Winovich’s initial rush might not always work, he plays through the echo of the whistle and often his second or third efforts will over-match the tackle and he will get loose to continue the hunt for the ball carrier.

He has the versatility to rush from both a two and three-point stance, with a good linear burst to get tackles on their heels off the snap and the lateral agility to bend the edge. And while he is a better athlete than many gave him credit before the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine, Winovich’s best contribution is definitely rushing into the backfield and not playing in space.

If the Giants are looking for a second EDGE player in the middle rounds after taking one early in the draft, there is a lot to like about Winovich’s game.