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‘Valentine’s Views’ podcast: Vacchiano — Giants “did great” in return for Odell Beckham

SNY columnist joins the show — dishes on Odell, Eli, Gettleman, more

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NFL: New York Giants at Houston Texans Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Ralph Vacchiano of SNY, who has covered the New York Giants for nearly two decades, joined the Valentine’s Views podcast on Friday. He had some really interesting things to say about Odell Beckham Jr., Eli Manning and the direction in which GM Dave Gettleman is taking the franchise.

It’s a show you aren’t going to want to miss. Here are a few snippets to whet your appetite.

On Odell Beckham ...

“Trading a player who’s that talented is not an easy thing, and there’s probably no way to get back equal return, a satisfactory return. He was a huge star … there’s almost nothing they could get back that’s going to make everybody happy.

“When you look at the trade package they got, compare it to other trade packages for top wide receivers, they did great.”

On taking the long view of the deal ...

“The even-keeled, level-headed evaluation of this is we have to wait to see what happens in the future…. What do they get with the first and third pick? That first pick might turn into being the Giants’ next franchise quarternback, it might turn into the next Justin Tuck, the next Chris see or somebody like that. Then you’ll look at it and go ‘wow,’ they got a great player with that pick. ...

“We’re a few years away really from knowing how well he [Gettleman] did but those picks certainly can’t hurt.”

On Eli Manning, and all the players the Giants have jettisoned ...

“I’m sorry for all the people out there who want to blame it all on Eli Manning, it’s not his fault. The defense has stunk, the line has stunk, you can go up and down the roster and see people that under-performed and Dave Gettleman just decided these contracts are ridiculous for a team that’s playing this poorly. We’re going to get rid of all of them and we’re going to start over my way.”

On Manning’s return for 2019 ...

“The biggest reason he is coming back is they don’t have a good Plan B. Taking a chance on Teddy Bridgewater’s knee wasn’t going to be a good Plan B. Spending $25 million on a 30-year-old Nick Foles who’s never had a full season, only been good in Philadelphia, that wasn’t going to be a good Plan B. Just handing the ball to draft pick on Day 1 in a draft where people are a little bit down on the quarterbacks, that’s wasn’t going to be a good Plan B, either.”

There is a lot more, and I don’t want to give it all away.

Listen to the full show below.

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