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[Podcast] Dan and Chris react to the Giants signing Golden Tate

Dan and Chris break down the Giants’ signing of Golden Tate

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The New York Giants made their first big move of free agency Thursday evening and from seemingly out of nowhere it was announced that the team would be signing receiver Golden Tate to a 4-year, $37.5 million contract, $23 million of which is guaranteed.

The Giants were in a position where they had to make a move after trading Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns and leaving a gaping hole in their offense. Signing Tate is the first of those moves.

On the surface this is a simple one-for-one move, but there are layers to peal back and consequences to sort out. And so as we have done throughout the free agency process, Dan and I leaped onto the air-waves to work through the signing and the eventual implications of the move.

In this podcast

  • What to make of signing Tate
  • How does Tate fit in to the Giants offense?
  • What to make of Tate’s $23 million in guaranteed money.
  • What does this mean for Sterling Shepard?
  • How does this fit into “The Plan” and the Giants’ rebuild?

You can listen to the episode in your browser here or with the embedded player below:

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