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So, maybe Stephen A. Smith doesn’t know college football

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His Dwayne Haskins wasn’t exactly accurate

NCAA Football: Michigan at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

This time of year is absolutely filled with mock drafts and takes on NFL prospects. Some of them good, many of them bad. We don’t make a point of commenting on most of them for a couple reasons. The first is because if we did, we wouldn’t have time to write about anything else — and, of course, I try not to make a habit of lobbing rubble from inside my own glass house.

But occasionally a big enough name makes a big enough gaffe that you kind of have to take notice. And when it is as prominent a prospect, who that has been so thoroughly linked to the New York Giants, as Dwayne Haskins, we have to comment.

And well, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith had a no-good, horrible, very-bad take on the Ohio State QB.

Uhhh ... Yeah.

I fully understand that Stephen A is much (MUCH) more of a basketball guy than a football guy, and he can’t be expected to have studied all the prospects for the NFL draft. I could understand not being familiar with one of the more obscure quarterbacks, but Haskins is generally considered QB1 in this draft and just about every game Ohio State plays is nationally televised.

(And even in the case of a small-school prospect, if you know you’re doing a segment on him, it’s not like ESPN doesn’t have a whole library of film to watch and a massive stats department).

I don’t need to go grab Mark Schofield to break down just how wrong of a take this is. It’s is like saying Eli Manning is a running QB because he has two rushing touchdowns the past two seasons.

Smith’s take has gotten plenty of attention already, but probably the best shade was thrown by one of Haskins’ own teammates (and not in a way that is all that flattering to Haskins):

Haskins himself later tweeted this ... Though I’m not sure if it’s in response to Smith or Dre’Mont Jones.