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2019 NFL Draft prospect profile: Greg Little, OT, Ole Miss

Is the tackle out of Mississippi the answer for the Giants at right tackle?

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When it comes to the offensive tackle position, the NFL has a certain idea of what a starting tackle looks like. And if you wanted to get a good idea, just look up a picture Greg Little, Ole Miss’ left tackle. But, to paraphrase Little John from Robin Hood: Men In Tights; Don’t let his name fool you. In real life, he’s very big.

Little fits the NFL archetype for an offensive tackle to a T (no pun intended). Tall, long, and powerfully built, he is the kind of player teams want to have on hand simply to be the first guy off the bus, let alone to develop his natural abilities as an offensive lineman.

And that is something the New York Giants are in need of: A young, offensive line prospect who can be developed into a long-term solution for their offensive front.

Is Little a potential answer for them?



  • Prototypical height, length, and frame.
  • Athletic tackle and a smooth mover in space and in pass protection.
  • Flashes power at the point of attack.
  • Generally has solid footwork and a wide base.


  • Needs to be more assertive with his punch.
  • Will let stance narrow, hips, and pads rise.
  • Will lunge at defenders.

Prospect Video

What They’re Saying

Greg Little projects as a boom or bust prospect at the NFL level. Little shows flashes of natural athleticism, particularly for his size. Furthermore, Little’s deep pass sets are effective with his length and foot quickness. But Little is super raw in his framing of blocks and footwork, he takes false steps and fails to roll through contact to create forward push with consistency in the run game. Little’s effort is also of concern, he will need to be coached/motivated if he’s going to be a starter.

- Kyle Crabbs (The Draft Network - Scouting Report)

Does He Fit The Giants?

Of all the offensive tackles in the 2019 NFL draft, Greg Little passes the eye test better than most, and perhaps, looks more like what the NFL wants in a tackle than any other prospect. He is long but has good mass, he is athletic yet powerful. In short, he has all the traits which get NFL scouts hot and bothered with regards to the offensive line.

And with regards to the Giants need talent and depth across their offensive line, and as one of the top prospects, Little is a definite fit.

For him to be a fit with the Giants, he would have to be able to swap his technique and play right tackle, but if he is able to, he could also provide an eventual successor to Nate Solder at left tackle. However, he has some disconcerting (and annoyingly familiar) warts on his game which will need to be addressed by whichever coaching staff receives him later this year. First and foremost is the inconsistencies in his technique which negate his natural traits. Little has long arms, but can be late and wide with his punch, giving up the advantage of his length and power. He can also forget to bring his feet with him when he goes to engage blockers, lunging and negating his quick feet. That creates opportunities for speed rushers to get around him. He will also, on occasion, let his base narrow and hips rise, negating his natural power to anchor against bull rushes.

Little has everything the NFL looks for in a starting offensive tackle, but for him to reach his ceiling, he will need to land on a team with an offensive line coach who has both the ability and inclination to work with him. But given his physical traits, the position he plays, and the flashes of upside he shows, it would be moderately stunning if he were to fall out of the first round.