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Mocking The Draft post-Super Bowl mock draft: Giants address quarterback and safety

Mocking The Draft fixes two of the Giants’ most glaring needs in the latest mock draft

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Super Bowl LIII (or 53, if you prefer) is over, and the 2019 offseason has truly begun. The New York Giants have a number of questions to which they need to find answers, but none is more pressing than the future of their quarterback position.

Dan Kadar of Mocking The Draft came out with his weekly mock draft, and considering it is the day after The Big Game, he decided to release a two round mock draft.

The Giants’ first pick is fairly predictable, but that just shows how necessary it might be.

6. New York Giants: Dwayne Haskins, QB, Ohio State

The Giants will closely be watching teams behind them like the Jaguars and Dolphins to figure out if they plan to jump inside the top five to take Haskins. That could lead New York to giving up multiple picks, even potentially next year’s first-round pick. That’s a lot of draft capital, but a franchise quarterback would be worth it.

35. New York Giants: Nasir Adderley, S, Delaware

Free safety is one of New York’s biggest needs this offseason, and Adderley is considered by many to be the best in this year’s draft.

Raptor’s Thoughts: Just like Sam Darnold a year ago, Dwayne Haskins has become the default pick for the New York Giants in mock drafts. The reasoning is easy enough to figure out: The future is rapidly becoming the now for the Giants and they don’t have any answers for the quarterback position. The Giants managing to land Haskins at sixth overall, and he works out as a viable starting quarterback (let alone a franchise QB), it would go a long way toward making Saquon Barkley the “right” pick at second overall in 2018. The Giants need a successor to Manning to make the most of Odell Beckham Jr. Evan Engram, Sterling Shepard, and Barkley. Likewise, they need the cap flexibility that a starting quarterback on a rookie deal provides going forward. As it stands now, the Giants might not see any other realistic options for the first round.

The bigger question is how much they would have to give up if they want to make sure they get him. Kadar says that they might “potentially” have to give up next year’s first round pick. I think he is underestimating how expensive that trade might be. The New York Jets executed a similar trade (from sixth to third) for Sam Darnold, and it cost them three second-round picks in a market with a much greater supply. The Giants only have one valuable pick this year in their second-round choice. So if they move up, it would likely cost them their 2019 second-round pick, as well as their 2020 first, second, and potentially third-round picks.

They might have to stomach that kind of price tag if they want to secure Haskins.

In the second round, I don’t have any questions about the pick of Adderley, other than wondering if he would even be there come April. The Giants absolutely, positively, need to address the free safety position. And they can’t do so as the Giants tried to do in 2018 and put every former cornerback they could find at free safety and pray something sticks. The kind of defense James Bettcher wants to run puts an enormous amount of pressure on the free safety, and even mediocre play is a liability. The payoff is an excellent scheme which can dictate the terms of a game to the offense, but he needs the players to execute it. Getting, potentially, the best safety in what is shaping up to be a good class would be a coup for the Giants’ defense.