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Is Phil Haynes the big, powerful offensive lineman the Giants are looking for?

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Phil Haynes isn’t being talked about much, but is that good news for the Giants?

NCAA Football: Virginia at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants finished 2018 with needs all over their roster, from the offensive line to the defensive secondary. Some of them will be addressed through free agency, but others will need long-term solutions to be found in the 2019 NFL Draft.

One of those positions of uncertainty is right guard. The Giants acquired Jamon Brown off waivers in the middle of the season, and they could look to re-sign him this off-season. But while Brown was the best right guard they fielded last year, he still didn’t play as well as it was hoped he would. The team could look to find an upgrade, or at least competition, later on in the draft.

If so, Wake Forest guard Phil Haynes has been flying under the national radar, but is a prospect we really should be talking about more.



  • Powerful guard prospect.
  • Heavy hands and impressive play strength.
  • Generally plays with good leverage and a good base.
  • Capable as a puller, in zone runs, or slide protections.
  • Takes it to defenders once engaged.
  • Powerful lower body and drives through his hips to move defenders.
  • Good awareness in pass protection. Picks up stunts, twists, and blitzes well.


  • Balance is a question. Good flexibility, but feet occasionally get “stuck”.
  • Conditioning could be an issue. Throttles down when the play goes elsewhere.
  • Occasionally a beat slow off the snap.
  • Played right tackle in 2015, but is likely a “guard only” prospect.

Prospect Video

(Haynes is the left guard, number 74)

What They’re Saying

A four-year starter at Wake Forest, Haynes has been part of some surprisingly good offensive units for the Deacs. His best fit in the NFL comes as an offensive guard in a gap/power scheme where his ability to drive block is featured and some of his lateral movement limitations are masked. Haynes has the potential of a Day 3 steal that becomes a reliable starter in the right scheme. At a minimum, Haynes should provide quality depth at the next level.

- Joe Marino (The Draft Network - Scouting Report)

Does He Fit The Giants?

Haynes would be a good fit for the Giants, and potentially an outstanding value.

Haynes has the size that the Giants covet on the offensive line, with good height, plenty of mass (without too much bad weight), and good arm length. He uses his physical tools well, generating power with his lower body and easily bench pressing defenders to create space for himself. He also has surprisingly solid feet with good enough feet to execute both man-gap and zone blocks, as well as pull or execute slide protections as needed. Haynes might not have the quickness to play center or the general athleticism to be a tackle (though he did start one season at right tackle), but his feet are plenty good enough to play guard.

He also shows solid awareness in pass protection, picking up stunts and twists -- which his hand usage allow him to deal with well -- as well as late blitzes.

Haynes is a mauler when it comes to the running game. His power is evident off the snap, with him routinely driving defenders backwards, and it is basically the end of the rep for whoever he is blocking once he is engaged. He moves well enough to get the defense flowing in zone blocks and works to the second level well.

He isn’t a perfect prospect, and right now seems to flying below the radar. However, if he doesn’t raise his profile by the draft, Haynes could be a steal on the third day of the draft.