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“Very tough” for Giants to pass on QB again in Round 1 — Daniel Jeremiah

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NFL Network analyst weighs in on the Giants’ biggest decison

New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Mike Mayock is now general manager of the Oakland Raiders. Which, for NFL Network, makes Daniel Jeremiah their new Mayock-NFL Draft analyst. As the 2019 NFL Combine begins, Jeremiah said the Giants “would have to answer a lot of questions” if they passed on drafting a quarterback with a top 10 pick for the second straight year.

Jeremiah, though, didn’t completely dismiss the idea.

It would be -- man, for the Giants, if they don’t take a quarterback again all the way up here, you know, it would be interesting. We saw it, though, with Cleveland, trying to build up the team, and then eventually get that quarterback later on. The difference is that Cleveland didn’t have a capable guy on campus already in Eli Manning, so I think it’s a little different from that standpoint,” Jeremiah said Monday during a conference call.

“It would be something they would have to answer a lot of questions about, I’ll put it to you that way, if they were to escape the top 10 without a quarterback in back-to-back years. My thing is the -- the question isn’t do you take one, it’s if you have one that you like, you might even have to just move up a little bit just to guarantee you get the guy that you like. That’ll be a tough decision for them to make, but it would be very tough on that organization to have had two cracks at it and not come away with a quarterback.”

QB rankings

Jeremiah was asked how he would rank the quarterbacks in the current class compared to the 2018 class. His order, based solely on draft grades:

Sam Darnold
Josh Rosen
Baker Mayfield
Josh Allen/Kyler Murray
Dwayne Haskins
Lamar Jackson

Jeremiah did admit concern about Murray’s bulk, but here is why he put him ahead of Haskins:

“Kyler can make every single throw. He can drive the ball. Those hole shots against cover-two on the sideline between the corner and the safety, that’s a big-boy throw. He makes those effortlessly,” Jeremiah said. “So he’s got plenty of arm strength. I’ve seen him work through progressions. You see it more with Dwayne, but I’ve seen Kyler Murray show that he can do that.

“And then the X-factor is just when he takes off, it’s electric. So that to me was kind of the tiebreaker. I think Kyler Murray can do a lot of the things that Dwayne Haskins can do throwing the football, but then Kyler has that extra element with what he can do athletically.”

What about Daniel Jones? The idea of picking him at No. 6 isn’t popular with Giants fans. What about Round 2? Jeremiah indicated Jones might not slide past the New England Patriots at the end of Round 1 — something I’ve heard from others in the scouting community. Jeremiah said Jones “would make a lot of sense” for the Patriots.

“He’s somebody that’s just -- he’s very bright. He’s going to be able to kind of swallow the information you’re going to have to swallow in that offense in due time,” Jeremiah said. “He’s got touch and accuracy, does not have a huge arm, but just a real smooth rhythm quarterback, which is something they value in a big way.”