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Would Minnesota’s Donnell Greene help reinforce the Giants’ offensive line?

Minnesota’s Donnell Greene fits Gettleman’s mold for linemen. Is his a name to watch later in the draft?

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Michigan Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Despite blowing up and completely rebuilding their offensive line in 2018, the New York Giants still need to find offensive linemen. They have potential holes at center, right guard, and right tackle, as well as a concerning lack of depth and developmental players.

So not only do they need to invest premium resources (free agent money and potentially high-round draft picks) in their offensive line, they also need to find players with their many selections on the third day of the draft who could contribute in some way.

Dave Gettleman has a very well established “type” when it comes to offensive linemen, and it is generally summed up as “big” and “strong”. Those two words describe Minnesota left tackle Donnell Greene exceptionally well. Green is certainly big, strong, and a mauling run blocker on power concepts, all of which means that we should probably take a closer look.



  • Big, powerful tackle with a prototypical frame who doesn’t carry much bad weight.
  • Bulldozing bully of a run blocker.
  • Mauling blocker and generates plenty of torque once engaged.
  • Easily anchors to absorb bull rushes.


  • Needs to be more aggressive firing his punch in pass protection.
  • Limited athlete.
  • Occasionally lunges and plays out over his toes.
  • Might struggle on outside zone plays in the NFL.

Prospect Video

What They’re Saying

Wide-body tackle prospect who could get looks as a backup swing tackle but would likely benefit from a full-time move inside to guard. Greene’s holes in pass protection can be improved, but not fixed as he lacks the athletic traits and technique to handle life on an island. He shows an ability to clear the running lanes of debris when he fires off into double teams and down blocks. A move inside to guard would minimize his weakness and maximize his strength as a backup guard with upside in a power-based run scheme.

Does He Fit The Giants?

The Giants need starting offensive linemen, but they also need depth and developmental linemen as well.

Picking out where Greene would fit on the Giants roster is a bit tricky at the moment, but it is clear that his frame, physicality, and brute strength will certainly appeal to Dave Gettleman.

Green is a limited athlete, and that shows up on tape. His feet are adequate in a short area, but when he has to expand his arc or match against speed, he struggles to keep up and winds up lunging. Likewise, he falls behind on outside zone runs and should not be used as a blocker on screen plays.

But that being said, his feet were adequate to play offensive tackle for Minnesota, and with some coaching and work in the strength and conditioning program, could be adequate for the NFL as well. If not, and if he isn’t too tall, Greene could be a candidate to transition inside to guard, increasing his value as a depth player (or in the pursuit of a starting job). Of course, he would have to clean up his hand usage in pass protection in any case. While his hands aren’t bad, and are certainly heavy when it comes to run blocking, he doesn’t fire them with nearly the same authority in pass protection. Instead, he seems to prefer to “catch” rushers, rather than knocking them off their rushes with his punch before creating room. That will need to be cleaned up whether he stays at tackle or is tried inside, where the action only happens faster.

Considering the Giants’ needs and Dave Gettleman’s preferences, Donnell Greene is a name to watch on the third day of the draft.