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Jay Glazer doubles down on Odell Beckham trade prediction

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Since it’s been a few days without any Beckham chatter, we give you this

NFL: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

One week after his bold prediction that the New York Giants would trade Odell Beckham Jr. this offseason, NFL insider Jay Glazer isn’t backing off that prediction.

In his latest mailbag for The Athletic [subscription only] Glazer claimed to be “a little surprised at how shocked everyone seemed to be” by his prediction.

Here is part of what Glazer wrote:

“ ... my prediction that he’ll be traded is a bold one, as the question and answer stated, but if you look at the history, why is it so shocking?

... it turns out the Giants have a lot more holes than anyone thought. They need massive help on the offensive line, they need a quarterback, they need pass rushers, plural, and they need linebackers. You’re not going to trade Saquon Barkley and you want to start building more around Saquon than you do around Odell. If you can take Odell and get some big bounty for him to fill more holes, I think that’s a wise business decision for the Giants.”

Then, there was this Glazer-esque bit of bravado:

“Oh, and no, I’m not walking my bold prediction back, not one $%#-ing inch! Does it happen? A lot has to materialize for it to take place but out of principle I’m not walking a damn thing back.”

Make of that what you will, Giants fans.