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Giants news, 2/23: Why didn’t the Giants get two compensatory picks?

Over The Cap’s Nick Korte explains where his projection, reality diverged

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Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals
Justin Pugh (67)
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Good morning, New York Giants fans!

The NFL announced its compensatory picks for the 2019 NFL Draft on Friday, and the Giants got a single fifth-round pick. That left some Giants fans up in arms because an earlier projection has them receiving two picks, a fourth- and fifth-rounder.

So, what happened?

Well, the NFL formula for figuring out those compensatory picks is a complicated one based on calculations involving the number and quality of free agents lost and gained. Nick Korte of Over The Cap is the man who does those projections. Saturday morning, Korte explained what he got wrong about the Giants’ compensatory selections.

Here are Korte’s two charts. The first explains how he had projected compensatory picks to align.

This second one is how the NFL judged the Giants’ free agents losses and gains:

Basically, Korte had Justin Pugh as a fourth-rounder and Devon Kennard as a fifth-rounder. The NFL had those two players a round lower, causing the signing of Kareem Martin to cancel out the loss of Kennard.

You will notice that Geno Smith qualified as a compensatory free agent. The Giants did not receive a pick for Smith because only 32 picks are awarded, and Smith fell below the cutoff.

From the Giants PR Department, here is an explanation of the compensatory pick system:

The compensatory selections are awarded to teams based on the Compensatory Draft System’s net loss formula. Under the system, teams that suffer a net loss of compensatory free agents (CFA) during the prior free agency signing period are eligible to receive a corresponding number of compensatory selections in the following year’s draft, up to a maximum of four selections.

The level of compensation (i.e., the round and selection number within the round) that the prior club receives for each CFA lost is based upon a weighted combination of the CFA’s average yearly compensation, postseason honors and playtime with the new team, ranked against all players in the league who are on rosters.

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