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Giants have 2019’s second-easiest strength of schedule by opponents’ winning percentage

Will the Giants be able to post a winning record with such a soft schedule

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Finally, some good offseason news — depending on how you perceive it. According to CBS Sports, the Giants were blessed with one of weakest schedules for 2019.

Tied for the second worst strength of schedule, the Giants’ 2019 opponents had a combined record of 120-134-2 in 2018. That record is good for a winning percentage of .473, the same as the Bengals, Jets, Patriots, and Rams. Sitting smugly at the bottom of this list is their NFC East foe Washington Redskins.

To better put the breakdown into perspective, here’s the full list of who the Giants will be facing next season:



The combined winning percentage of the Giants’ upcoming opponents does not tell the full story. These numbers don’t take into account the teams that had down years, dealt with major injuries, or are packed with young and inexperienced players. Additionally, when the offseason process is all said and done, these teams could look much different.

The Packers, Lions, and Bucs are teams that had poor performances in 2018, but are a few key pieces away from competing for their divisions. Plus, the Packers and Bucs both just went through coaching changes with high expectations to right the ship next year.

Teams like the Bills and Jets are packed with young talent, and led by second-year quarterbacks who can take that next step in 2019. Each of these teams can complete a major flip in production and be on the right side of .500.

It’s likely the Redskins and Dolphins will be beginning rebuilding stages for their franchises. Both teams have been tied to the big name quarterback prospects in this years draft cycle, and are in the process of pushing out deficient veterans.