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Giants news, 1/21: LockerGate leaves Giants media, fans in state of confusion

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If it’s a ‘Gate,’ it can’t be a good thing

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Is this what Landon Collins’ locker looks like?
Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans!

Landon Collins, what have you done?

More precisely, what exactly did you do to your locker at the Giants’ training facility on Wednesday? More importantly, what the heck does whatever you did mean? Or, does it all amount to much ado about nothing?

This all started the way so many Giants firestorms seem to — with the work of ESPN’s Josina Anderson. She tweeted Wednesday that “I’m told that Giants S Landon Collins cleaned out his locker today at the team facility and said his goodbyes to teammates, coaches and trainers. It doesn’t seem like Collins expects to be a Giant for much longer, per sources.”

That led to Giants beat writers crashing into each other like bumper car drivers at an arcade trying to figure out what was happening. Did he clean out his locker for good and say his goodbyes? Does he really think he is done as a Giant? Did he just take a few things he wanted for the offseason? Was this just a public salvo, a negotiating ploy to get the Giants to move on reportedly stalled — or never started — negotiations on a long-term contract?

An exasperated Paul Schwartz of the New York Post finally tweeted this:

Collins responded this way:

All of which left Giants fans feeling sort of like this:

So, what do we make of all of this?

Ralph Vacchiano of SNY did his best to clarify the situation:

Landon Collins is "frustrated" the Giants seem to have no intention of giving him the lucrative, long-term contract he's seeking, according to an NFL source, and he remains unhappy that he is likely to get the franchise tag instead.

And that appears to be the source of the "LockerGate" controversy that erupted late Wednesday afternoon.

Collins may not have cleaned out his locker and said goodbye to his teammates, as an ESPN report said he did, but he has expressed his frustration over his contract situation to several people. The 25-year-old safety seemed to think the Giants were interested in at least discussing a long-term deal this offseason. But there apparently haven't been any serious talks at all.

"He thought he was going to get a contract," said one source who has spoken to Collins about his situation. "He's not going to be happy if he gets the franchise tag, and it looks like that's what will happen."

There was also a report that Collins could sit out spring practices if the Giants use the franchise or transition tag. That report also referred to Wednesday’s panic as “premature.”

Louis Riddick’s comment that the Giants were “ripping at the guts of your football team” by letting Collins enter free agency was also premature.

In my view, this all seems overblown. It’s late February. The Giants, and the rest of the NFL, have until March 5 to apply the franchise or transition tag to players. As of this writing, no team has yet announced an intention to use a tag to keep a player off the free agent market.

I don’t know exactly what Collins did. Or didn’t do. He probably is miffed if the Giants haven’t really opened negotiations on a new contract. He probably won’t be thrilled if the Giants use the franchise tag — but he will still be roughly $12 million richer. So, there’s that. He probably will sit out the spring if he is tagged. That’s a thing players do. It is what Jason Pierre-Paul did when the Giants tagged him in 2015.

I do know the Giants didn’t close the door on Collins’ Giants’ career on Wednesday.

My advice? Let’s calm down and see what happens here. I still believe that whether he likes it or not the Giants will tag Collins, see what the market bears for safeties in free agency, then try to come to terms with Collins on a deal.

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