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BBV mailbag: Dwayne Haskins, Harry Carson, more questions

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The mail’s here!

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Harry Carson
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It’s time once again to open up the Big Blue View mailbag and see what fans of the New York Giants are wondering about as we enter Super Bowl Weekend. So, let’s get to it.

Ed says: Tommy, my gut feeling is the Giants aren’t going to give up anything to get Dwayne Haskins. If he’s there at No. 6 — and I have serious doubts that he will be — I believe the Giants would consider him. I don’t think they are trading up, which would entail giving up their second-round pick or maybe a future No. 1. I just don’t think they feel like they are in a position where they can give up that much.

Seth Weissman asks: I saw today (Tuesday) that the Giants are parting ways with Barwin. I winced when I saw the photo of the #53 jersey on his Twitter page. Do you have any idea why the Giants have not retired that number? While LT is arguably the best player ever, Harry Carson is a HOF’er and certainly one of the best linebackers ever. Plus, he played his whole career with the organization.

Ed says: Seth, I wish I had a good answer for you on this one. I really don’t know why Carson’s number hasn’t been retired by the Giants. I’m with you in that I cringe a little when I see guys wearing the 53 with the Giants, myself. Then again, the Giants haven’t retired Michael Strahan’s 92, either.

Bruce Frazer asks: As your vote for offensive rookie of the year is Baker Mayfield, do you feel that he is an overall more dynamic player or does the dynamic of the position he plays make him a more credible choice for the award? The Browns did win a couple of games more than the Giants but then again they had a better defense than the Giants. In Barkley’s defense, his 1st year achievement s were accomplished running behind a very poor offensive line where he had to excel in order to do what he did. Not saying Baker doesn’t deserve the vote but overall the Browns are simply a better team at this point in time. If the award is based more on individual merit rather than team merit then shouldn’t the player be judged on the bench marks for the position he plays?

Ed says: Bruce, my saying I would vote for Mayfield seems to have struck a raw nerve in much of the Giants fan base. Listen, Saquon Barkley is a great player and if he wins the Rookie of the Year honor he will certainly be deserving. He had one of the great statistical seasons of all time. Statistically, no doubt he was the best rookie. In my own evaluation, though, I looked at more than raw stats. Mayfield won 7 games with a team that had won four games the previous three seasons combined. My only reason for choosing Mayfield is that as a quarterback he did the one thing a running back really can’t do — he completely changed a franchise.

Ed says: I doubt it, but never say never. The Giants saw Curtis Riley as a safety last year, and I’m not sure what would make them change their minds. I know, and they know, he has cornerback experience. The only thing I know for certain is that the Giants can’t go into another season with Riley as their starting free safety.

Ed says: I’m not trying to be snotty by answering the question this way, but the obvious answer is “yes.” That’s because Kyle Lauletta is currently a Giant. Dwayne Haskins is not, and may never be.

Reality is, if Dwayne Haskins, Kyler Myrray, Drew Lock or Daniel Jones is a Giant it’s because the Giants don’t believe Lauletta is the future. In that case then whatever quarterback is selected early in the draft would almost certainly jump the line and get a late-season nod ahead of Lauletta.

Ed says: If you look at Dave Gettleman’s history when he was GM in Carolina, several times he used late-round picks to move up for a player he really wanted. I would expect him to try to do the same in the middle rounds this year. Especially since the Giants don’t currently own a third-round pick after taking Sam Beal in the Supplemental Draft.

Ed says: After quarterback, I’m not sure I can rank them. The biggest long-term decision the Giants have to make is who succeeds Manning, whether they find that guy in this draft or in 2020. After that, all of the positions you mentioned need to be upgraded.