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Big Blue View Radio mail call!

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Dan and I want to hear from you. What Giants questions do you want answered?

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Hey everybody!

If you listened to the latest episode the podcast with Dan and I (and really, why wouldn’t you be listening? We’re delightful and informative), we announced that we are looking for questions for a “mail bag” segment.

Rather than making a single full episode of your questions, we are looking at making it a regular recurring segment. But to do that, we need still need some help from you, the Big Blue View faithful, in the form of questions.

So, if you have any questions you’d like us to answer on the show — draft, free agency, or Giants’ stuff in general — let us know.

If you have question you want us to answer, you can post it here, email it to us at (please include Big Blue View Radio or BBR in the subject line), or tweet us at @BigBlueView, @DanPizzuta, or @RaptorMkII

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