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Mel Kiper mock draft 2.0: Dwayne Haskins to New York Giants

Another mock draft, another selection of Haskins by the Giants

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As is our policy here, we try to avoid overwhelming our draft coverage by reporting on every mock draft to get published. If we did, we probably wouldn’t have time to actually talk about the New York Giants themselves.

But, we do make a point of passing along mock drafts from the big names, the draft gurus at the national outlets who are either well connected around the league, have an NFL scouting background, or both.

In those cases, we think that those drafts might offer actual insight into how various teams might be thinking behind the curtain. And in that vein, Mel Kiper Jr. of ESPN released his Mock Draft 2.0 (Insider content) on Monday morning.

Of course, there aren’t any surprises for the Giants as we see a very familiar face.

6. New York Giants

Dwayne Haskins, QB, Ohio State

With no trades in my Mock Drafts, this is the first logical spot for a quarterback. And Haskins (6-3, 220) is the best quarterback on my board. Easy choice. Yes, he only started 14 games at Ohio State, but he’s a smooth thrower with an extremely high ceiling. Something to note if the Giants trade up to make sure they get their guy: They don’t have a third-round pick after using it on cornerback Sam Beal in last year’s supplemental draft. That means if they give up their second-rounder and future choices to jump a few spots, they won’t be on the clock again until Day 3. This is a huge pick for GM Dave Gettleman.

Raptor’s Thoughts: We have already dissected this pick to death, and we will continue to do so for the next two and a half months.

But for this mock draft in particular, the operative phrase in is “with no trades.” And in that scenario, Kiper is right: the Giants are probably the first team for whom a quarterback makes the most sense. Of course, that is taking the Oakland Raiders and Tampa Bay Buccaneers at their word that they aren’t ready to move on from Derek Carr and Jameis Winston (respectively).

But, that phrase also means that this draft is wholly unrealistic. Last year there were three draft day trades in the top 10, in 2017 there were three trades in the top 5 picks. In 2016 the first and second pick were traded, while the 8th overall pick was traded three times, and there was a trade for the ninth pick.

There will be trades, and there are at least two teams picking ahead of the Giants (Arizona and the New York Jets) who need a volume of talent more than a single blue chip player. And the fact is that there are a number of teams behind the Giants for whom trading up for a quarterback makes sense, such as Jacksonville (7th overall), the Miami Dolphins (13th overall, mocked Kyler Murray by Kiper), and the Washington Redskins (mocked Drew Lock, 15th overall).

Note: Daniel Jones of Duke was mocked to the New England Patriots at 32nd overall

So it is unlikely that Haskins will happen to fall to the Giants naturally. That’s bad news for a team that has not established their future at the most important position on the field, and — if what is being reported is to be believed — only believe one player at that position is worthy of a first-round selection.