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Dwayne Haskins’ chance is coming, Shaun O’Hara’s stance on Eli Manning, more

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It’s a Sunday edition of ‘Valentine’s Views’

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Heisman Trophy Presentation
Dwayne Haskins
Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

It’s a lazy Sunday without football, or a whole lot to do. Unless this is a February break week for you and you are vacationing with the kids. Or, unless you really want to watch AAF games.

To keep your mind tuned to football it’s a Sunday edition of ‘Valentine’s Views,’ where I hit of number of topics that are important to the current state of affairs with your New York Giants.

Dwayne Haskins right for Giants? Combine is key

Despite all of the recent hysteria over Kyler Murray, Dwayne Haskins of Ohio State remains the top quarterback on the board for most draft analysts. Could he be QB1 for the Giants as they look to find an heir to Eli Manning? If he is, does that mean they will end up liking him enough to use the No. 6 pick on him? Or, move up in the draft to get him?

Paul Schwartz of the New York Post wrote recently that the Giants are “intrigued” by Haskins and that he “is likely the only youngster (at quarterback) in this draft deemed worthy of a first-round pick by the Giants.”

I’ll be honest here. Schwartz might be the most well-connected of all of the writers covering the Giants, and he isn’t writing that sentence just because it might be what he thinks. For what it’s worth, what I’ve been able to learn thus far agrees with Schwartz’s assessment.

There is something else Schwartz wrote that I believe to be right on the money:

Anyone who indicates the Giants, right now, are sold or sour on Haskins is blowing smoke.

Dave Gettleman has watched the film. Pat Shurmur has watched the film. The scouts have prepared volumes of reports. The Giants likely know at this point if they believe Haskins has first-round talent.

What they don’t know is whether he’s the right guy to lead their franchise. They haven’t met him yet. They haven’t spoken to him. They haven’t interviewed him. They haven’t gotten him on a whiteboard and asked him football questions.

Remember what Dan Hatman of The Scouting Academy told us about the success or failure of quarterbacks. It’s not necessarily about how they throw the ball or how well they move.

“The things that make or break quarterbacks are usually between their ears, not their appendages.”

The Giants don’t know yet what’s between Haskins’ ears. They will attempt to figure that out at the Combine. That’s when they will decide whether or not he is their guy, and — if he is — figure out what they are willing to do to get him.

Shaun O’Hara takes up for Eli

The below exchange happened Friday on ‘Good Morning Football.’

Basically, if you don’t want to or have the time to listen. O’Hara says the Giants should pass on a quarterback at No. 6 and use the pick to build their defense, specifically to draft a pass rusher. O’Hara gets attacked by Peter Schrager and Kyle Brandt for his continued support of Eli Manning.

Of course O’Hara was going to say that the Giants should look to supplement their roster and help Manning, not use the No. 6 overall pick to begin pushing him toward the exit. O’Hara played with Manning for a long time. He won a Super Bowl with Manning. They are friends. He is anything but objective when it comes to the Giants’ two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback.

There is really nothing new in the argument, other than O’Hara basically becoming indignant when Schrager started to talk about how much of the media and the fan base have decided it’s time.

I have to agree with O’Hara’’s take on how the decision will be made. He shot Schrager down by saying “as if that (media/fan opinion) has any weight inside the building. They don’t run the organization based on what the New York press is saying.”

Of course they don’t. They better not. They shouldn’t. They can’t. No GM, coach or organization can let the fans or the media make their decisions.

We can, and will, continue to discuss this until the draft gets here. Then, we will discuss whether the Giants did the right or wrong thing. Reality is, your opinion doesn’t matter to the Giants. My opinion doesn’t matter. Neither does Steve Serby’s or Pat Leonard’s or Pat Traina’s or Bob Glauber’s. Sorry, Steve, Pat, Pat and Bob. Hope we’re still friends.

The Giants might take a quarterback at No. 6. They might trade up. They might trade down and take a quarterback. They might do a whole bunch of things and never take a quarterback at all.

That decision will be based on what they see and what they believe is in the best short- and long-term interests of the franchise. It won’t be based on anything anyone on the outside believes.

A word about Odell

I’m tired of the Odell Beckham Jr. trade rumor stuff. You’re tired of it. It’s not going away.

I honestly don’t know if there is anything behind the latest round of speculation started by Jay Glazer of The Athletic. I do believe Beckham will be a Giant this year. I also believe the relationship between Beckham and the Giants is an uneasy one.

Occasional BBV contributor Patricia Traina was the first media member I know of who came out and flatly said she doesn’t believe Beckham finishes his five-year contract as a Giant. I think she’s going to end up being right. I don’t know what the straw will be that breaks the camel’s back, or when that will happen, but I do think Traina is going to be prophetic on this one.

Yes, we need to talk about Case Keenum

A fair number of people, particularly in the Big Blue View Twitter timeline, have wondered why I bothered to raise the idea of Denver Broncos quarterback Case Keenum as a potential target for the Giants. To folks in that camp, the idea is — let’s say — not appealing.

Look, I get it. I didn’t bring up Keenum’s name to endorse the idea. I didn’t bring it up to say I would hate it, either. I brought it up because considering the recent success Keenum and Pat Shurmur had together, and that the Giants have not officially made any quarterback announcement, Keenum as a Giant is an option worth discussing.

Honestly, I do not think the Giants would trade for Keenum. As Patricia Traina explained, the cap ramifications of taking on Keenum’s $18 million and the $6 million in dead money that would be created by cutting Eli Manning are prohibitive. There are ways the Giants could lower his cap number, which are explained in Saturday’s BBV mailbag, but it still wouldn’t be cheap.

If the Broncos cut Keenum, that’s different. Then perhaps you can negotiate a more reasonable deal — even if you simply look at him as an upgrade from Alex Tanney.

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