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Giants news, 2/14: Odell Beckham trade speculation, Gil Brandt a Kyler Murray fan, more

Let’s check today’s headlines

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NFL: NFL Honors-Red Carpet
Gil Brandt
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Good morning, New York Giants fans!

Where should we begin today? Oh, I guess Odell Beckham Jr. trade rumors (Nonsense? Silliness? Offseason clickbait?) is as good a place to start as any.

Jay Glazer of The Athletic (thanks a lot, Jay!) started the latest round of craziness by answering a mailbag question looking for “bold predictions” by saying “I predict Odell Beckham Jr. gets traded this off-season.”

It’s important to note that while Glazer is as well-connected as anyone in the league, he didn’t offer any substance here. He didn’t say he has heard the Giants are looking for or have received offers. He just made a prediction. Still, there has to be something behind a prediction from Glazer. Doesn’t there?

I’m not going to get into all the pros and cons, the financial ramifications, the PR ramifications. On the Beckham topic, I’m just going to leave you with the following synopsis from Ralph Vacchiano of SNY:

Given the details of his contract, the fact that the Giants don’t have a ton of cap room to begin with, and that they would need to add a top receiver to their long list of other needs if they dealt Beckham, there’s no reason to believe their exorbitant asking price will change.

So for now, it’s just a bold prediction that Beckham will be dealt. There’s no reason to believe it will actually happen. There’s also no way to say definitively that it won’t.

In the meantime, here’s another, much less bold prediction about Beckham: Until someone from the Giants steps up and declares that he’s definitely not on the market, these offseason trade rumors aren’t going away.

Do with that information whatever you choose.

Gil Brandt goes to bat for Kyler Murray

Newly-minted Pro Football Hall of Famer Gil Brandt, the long-time Dallas Cowboys executive and NFL analyst, is in the corner of Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray. No matter how tall he is, or isn’t.

Food for thought. Also, artillery for those who believe the Giants would be wrong if they passed on Murray because they reportedly don’t believe he is tall enough.

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