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Mock draft: Hey, look, a new idea for the New York Giants!

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Quarterback? Nah! It’s an honest-to-goodness trade-down scenario

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Cody Ford
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As the slow march to the 2019 NFL Draft continues, mock drafts tend to blur together. We get tired of writing about them, and at some point you get tired of reading about them.

Thus, we try not to highlight every mock draft that comes along. Especially when they all say the same thing. Once in a while, though, a credible mock draft comes along with an entirely different, yet plausible, scenario for the New York Giants.

Such is the case with Trevor Sikkema’s new mock draft for the must-read site, The Draft Network.

Why? Sikkema doesn’t have the Giants selecting Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins at No. 6. He doesn’t have them trading up to do that, either. He has the Giants trading down in Round 1. For an offensive tackle and extra draft picks.

Sikkema has the Giants dropping down to No. 13 and selecting Oklahoma offensive tackle Cody Ford. In the deal, the Giants also get Miami’s third-round pick (No. 79) and a second-round pick in 2020.

Here is what Sikkema wrote about the move:

I bet the Giants would be happy selecting Cody Ford at No. 6 overall, so if they can trade back, get an extra third and fourth round pick out of it (perhaps even more) and get Ford, they should certainly be pleased.

Ford can play both right tackle or inside at guard in the NFL. I like his tape at tackle, so I think that’s where you give him a shot first opposite Nate Solder.

P.S. I know some people will be yelling that I don’t even mention them targeting a quarterback. I think quarterback is their number one need, but until I hear they are interested in pulling the trigger in the first round, mocking them Murray or Haskins like they should seems pointless.

Valentine’s View

There is a lot to talk about here. First, let’s paint the entire picture.

Sikkema has the quarterback-needy Washington Redskins trading to No. 3 (New York Jets) and taking Kyler Murray. To do it, Washington gives up a second-round pick this year and a 2020 first-round pick.

I think two things: I think that’s the right price point, and I think the Redskins are a team that might go all-in on Murray. So, I find this to be realistic.

Next, Sikkema has the Jacksonville Jaguars jumping from No. 7 to No. 5 (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) and selecting Haskins.

I think that if the Jaguars don’t land Nick Foles via free agency or trade, I can certainly see them doing what they have to do in order to land Haskins.

The other piece of the scenario here is that the Dolphins used the sixth overall pick they got from the Giants to select Missouri quarterback Drew Lock. I think the Dolphins are in the quarterback market, so again there is a chance they would want Lock.

Now, for the Giants.

Sikkema makes an absolutely essential point, and one that aligns with the things yours truly has also heard out there in the draft universe. It probably is “Dwayne Haskins or bust” if the Giants want a quarterback at No. 6. Haskins might even be their top quarterback target, but I have heard nothing that indicates the Giants are in love with him to the point of being willing to mortgage the draft capital it would take to move up and ensure they could get him.

I continue to think the Giants are more likely to sit at No. 6, see what happens, and take the best player on their board. Or, follow Sikkema’s suggestion here, slide into the middle of the round and collect some additional middle-round draft capital.

As for Ford, I personally would have no complaints about landing a plug-and-play right tackle in this spot.