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Giants at Eagles, Week 14: Big Blue View staff picks

How do our writers see this one unfolding?

NFL: NOV 24 Giants at Bears Photo by Patrick Gorski/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

How do your Big Blue View contributors see Sunday’s New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles game unfolding? Let’s find out.

Chris Pflum

I can’t say that I know, or even have a good handle, on what to expect from Monday Night Football. Considering this is going to be Monday Night Football in Philadelphia, I think we should expect the unexpected.

Generally speaking, when the Giants have faced legitimate starting quarterbacks over the last two years, they haven’t been able to slow them down on defense, nor have they been able to keep up on offense. Since the start of 2018, DeShaun Watson is the only good starting QB the Giants have beaten, which doesn’t bode well for their match-up against Carson Wentz. Likewise, the Giants have largely struggled when faced with quality defensive fronts. And while the rest of the Eagles’ defense is lagging, their defensive line remains a deep unit — and one that wins as a unit.

The Eagles’ have had to contend with plenty of bad luck this season and the division as a whole is the doldrums, but this isn’t a great match-up for the Giants on paper. But still...

I’ve tried to avoid picking based on sentiment since the Giants’ loss to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 2 of last year. I can’t bring myself to pick against Eli Manning in what could be his last ride. Perhaps Manning’s experience, quick release, and ability to control the game from the line of scrimmage will make a difference for the offense.

Pick: Giants 31, Eagles 27
Season record: 9-3

Joe DeLeone

We are so close to the possibility of a 6-win NFC East division winner. How dysfunctional this conference is will be proved in the final few weeks of the season, and it will continue with this game.

No one expects much from the Giants right now. The young quarterback they’ve been developing won’t even play because of issues with his ankle. In walks Eli Manning, who is primed for one last fight before he rides off gracefully into the sunset. This change at quarterback will be enough to slightly boost the Giants offense and catch the Eagles defense off guard.

However, the most important aspect of this matchup is how bad the Eagles are playing right now. Often people like to point to struggling teams to be motivated to right the ship. But more often than not, teams on three-game losing streaks are not going to just fix all of their problems. Just like the Giants are a mess, the Eagles are one too. Similar to how the Dolphins kicked the Eagles while they were down last week, the Giants will do the same on Monday Night Football.

Pick: Giants 24, Eagles 18
Season record: 9-3

Matt Williamson

I am actually pretty excited to see Eli Manning orchestrating New York’s offense. There should be clear pre-snap improvements and expect Saquon Barkley to rack up short receptions. But in Philadelphia, against a more talented team and quarterback, the Giants pass defense will struggle again and Carson Wentz has a big night.

Pick: Philadelphia 23, New York 17
Season record: 9-3

Emily Iannaconi

The Eagles are coming off an embarrassing loss to the Miami Dolphins when they host the Giants on Monday Night Football. Beyond that Dolphins loss, Philadelphia is also riding a three game skid. I believe that the Eagles will be able to both redeem themselves and get back in the win column against the ever-struggling Giants. With rookie QB Daniel Jones sidelined with an ankle injury, Eli Manning will start. While I do think the veteran will be able to lead the Giants to more points scored than in the previous two games (13 and 14), he will not be able to break the Giants slump. But then again, with Manning, you never do know.

Pick: Eagles 28, Giants 17
Season record: 5-2

Joseph Czikk

The Eagles are really hard to figure out. They’ve beat a few good teams in the Packers and Bills, but lost to the likes of the Dolphins, Redskins, Lions and Jets. It’s been a wildly inconsistent ride for Carson Wentz and his crew. However, Wentz does have Alshon Jeffery back, and just came off his first 300-plus yard passing game since Week 6.

The Giants pass defense is nearly non-existent, and Philly’s has been poor as well. I foresee a high-scoring game, but with Eli back in charge, it won’t be as exciting as it is with Daniel Jones. Will Eli be enough to edge the underachieving Eagles? I think not.

Pick: Eagles 31, Giants 28
Season record: 7-4

Ed Valentine

You know, I want to believe that Eli Manning will ride in an play the conquering hero on Monday night. The he will have a vintage, turn back the clock performance and help the Giants end their eight-game losing streak. I hope he does. I think he might. The Giants have lost eight straight games, though, and I can’t in good conscience pick them to win this one.

Pick: Eagles 31, Giants 27
Season record: 9-3