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Giants vs. Eagles, Week 17: Big Blue View staff picks

How do our writers see this one unfolding?

NFL: NOV 24 Giants at Bears Photo by Patrick Gorski/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

How do your Big Blue View contributors see Sunday’s New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles game unfolding? Let’s find out.

Chris Pflum

Let's do this one last time.

Will the Giants end on a winning streak, taking advantage of an injury-depleted division rival or will they stumble down the stretch? The last two times these two teams, the Giants jumped out to a surprising lead, only to fall in the second half following an adjustment by Doug Pederson.

Ultimately, I think this is a case of a young team (the Giants) playing for pride going against a veteran team playing to keep their season alive, and have been in this position before.

I think the Giants put up a valiant effort, but ultimately Philly comes out on top and keeps their season alive.

Pick: Eagles 28, Giants 24
Season record: 9-6

Joe DeLeone

One game remains for the Giants and Pat Shurmur to go out on a high note. While this team will fight for all 60 minutes, too much is at stake for the Eagles. Last week with a shot at the playoffs on the line, Philadelphia visibly wanted to win more than the Cowboys. The Eagles will easily be the weakest team in the playoffs if they make it, but they’ve proven to have the will to win games like these over the past few seasons.

This game will be a hard fought battle by both teams and go down to the final few minutes of the game. However, with so many glaring issues for the Giants, this will not be the week to correct them.

Pick: Eagles 34, Giants 27
Season record: 11-4

Matt Williamson

This should be a fast paced game in New York and the Giants have the better skill position players in this contest. But Carson Wentz is playing at a high level once again and the overall pass-rush favors the Eagles. This sets up as a fun game that might be closer than a lot of people think.

Pick: Eagles 31, Giants 30
Season record: 11-4

Emily Iannaconi

It might be crazy but I think the Giants, as 4.5-point underdogs, are going to come out on top in this final game of the regular season at MetLife Stadium. The Giants battled the Eagles into overtime the last time these two teams faced in Week 14 and New York outscored Philly 17-3 in the first half. Yes, Eli Manning was the QB in that game. But the combination of Daniel Jones’ five-touchdown performance against the Redskins last Sunday and the videos of him and Manning playing flip cup at a Hoboken bar to celebrate later that night, have given me a renewed spirit for the Giants. The Eagles have everything to play for and a lot to lose whereas the Giants have nothing riding on Sunday’s game. I think that lack of pressure though combined with the momentum from last week’s overtime win, will carry them to a victory against the Eagles on Sunday.

Pick: Giants 24, Eagles 21
Season record: 6-4

Joseph Czikk

I think the Eagles are going to get it done here and get into the playoffs. They kind of proved last week at Dallas that they wanted that playoff spot more and they played with more purpose. I do think this will be a close, entertaining game with the Eagles being the Eagles and winning it late.

The Giants might even start out with the lead, or maybe re-take a lead, but Wentz will eventually put together a go-ahead touchdown drive.

And hey, a loss for the Giants isn’t necessarily the worst thing at this time of year, is it?

Pick: Eagles 28, Giants 23
Season record: 10-4

Ed Valentine

It would be nice for the Giants to end the season with a victory. I think they will give the Eagles a game, just like they did a few weeks ago. I know Philadelphis id depleted in the secondary and won’t have Zach Ertz, but this game is really the Eagles season and I can’t imagine them letting it slip away.

Pick: Eagles 34, Giants 31
Season record: 10-5