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Big Blue View mailbag, 12/28: Futures of Pat Shurmur and Dave Gettleman, and a Jerry Reese question

Let’s see what is in this week’s mail

We have reached the end of the 2019 New York Giants, and for that matter the end of 2019 itself. So, let’s open up our final Big Blue View mailbag and see what questions we can answer.

Matthew Annunziata asks: My question is in regards to Kaden Smith. He was a draft pick by the 49ers and signed a contract with them. Obviously he was cut and the Giants picked him up off of waivers. So my question comes down to his contract. Do the Giants go by the contract he signed with the 49ers? Do they offer him a futures contract since he was claimed off of waivers? Is he a free agent since the 49ers cut him?

Ed says: Matthew, when you claim a player on waivers you assume whatever remains on his existing contract. Smith is signed to a four-year, $2.72 million rookie contract.

Neil Sharma asks: What do you think about the possibility of taking Joe Burrow at 1, or Tua at 2 instead of taking Chase Young?

Ed says: No, no, no, no, no. Neil, did you watch the way Daniel Jones played against the Washington Redskins? Have you watched him all season? Why on earth would you want the Giants to draft a quarterback rather than build around the good young one they already have?

John M Scott asks: What do you make of the decision to throw a Hail Mary at the end of regulation, rather than have Aldrick Rosas try for a 62 yarder to win it?

Ed says: John, I have zero problem with it. The kick would have been 63 yards. On a sloppy grass field. I have serious reservations about Rosas’ ability to get the ball there, especially since he hasn’t been kicking all that consistently. Remember, a missed kick can be returned and we’ve seen that be disastrous for the kicking team in the past. You have a bunch of lumbering linemen out there, not your punt coverage team. I don’t blame Pat Shurmur at all for that decision. My biggest issue is Daniel Jones not even getting the ball close to the end zone on the throw.

Marcus Mewborn asks: For this week or going forward can you speak on Jerry Reese’s situation? He hasn’t seem to found a team since his firing from the Giants. Does that have to do with the turmoil he faced during last years with the Giants?

Ed says: Marcus, this may change in the near future but up until now general managers have not often gotten second chances in that chair. That actually makes Dave Gettleman more the exception than the rule. Reese left the Giants in an absolute mess after a string of poor drafts. Would you expect teams to be banging down his door? I wouldn’t. If he wants to get back into the NFL, and I don’t know if he does or not, he is probably going to have to accept a job a rung or two down the ladder. I couldn’t tell you if he’s willing to do that.

Bruce Frazer asks: I read a piece today about how Steve Tisch might be more inclined to make drastic changes in the Giants coaching and management staff than John Mara. As 50/50 owners of the team how might a power struggle play out in regards to what could be two very different opinions. From what I have read Mara is an old school conservative, prone to favor organization loyalty while Tisch works in a more results driven fast paced “California type” environment that caters to immediate fact based results. How do you see the end of season “Black Monday” assessment playing out if the owners can’t come to a consensus?

Ed says: Bruce, I read the piece you are referring to. Listen, I’ve been writing about the Giants’ split ownership and the differences in lifestyle/personality between Steve Tisch and John Mara for a while. So, this isn’t news to me.

I don’t know how it will play out. If Tisch, who appears to want sweeping change, wins you get a house cleaning. If Mara wins, you get more status quo with changes to the assistant coaches. If there is no consensus, you get a half measure. Which means maybe Gettleman stays and Shurmur goes. We’ll see. This is one of the issues the Giants have, and have had for a while. It makes the situation volatile and hard to predict. Because of the dual ownership there can be a lack of a single, clear vision.

Andrew Arbuckle asks: I’ve been reading the site since the last SB win. Here’s my two part question: How soon after the season ends do you expect/anticipate the ownership group to make decisions surrounding Pat Shurmur and Dave Gettlemen? Do you expect it to be a Black Monday or would they wait a bit? Secondly, does this Sunday’s game actually factor into the decision to keep Shurm and Getty or do you think the decision has already been made?

Ed says: Andrew, they can’t really wait. The process of interviewing and hiring coaches starts immediately. The longer they wait, the thinner the candidate pool. Now, the Indianapolis Colts got lucky a couple of years ago when they fell into Frank Reich after Josh McDaniels left them at the altar. You can’t count on that, though. If there are going to be moves made, I would think we would know Sunday night or Monday morning.

Gene Kramer asks: If the Giants decide to go offensive tackle in Round 1 or 2 of the Draft, is there any way Nate Solder could/would play right tackle? If so, do you think he would play better there?

Ed says: Gene, of course that would be a possibility. Solder’s contract makes it expensive for the Giants to part ways with him — a $13 million cap hit pre-June 1 and a $6.5 million cap hit post-June 1. He played some right tackle as a rookie in 2011, but there is no way to know how he would do. Everything is the exact opposite of what he has done for years, and re-training yourself to do everything the opposite of how you have always done it is not easy. Also, right tackles face great pass rushers, too. I’m not one who really believes in the “left tackle is more important than right tackle” theory.