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The New York Giants’ 2019 season, from A to Z

As the year and the season wind down, let’s look back

NFL: New York Giants at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

As it winds down, let’s take a look back at the New York Giants 2019 season. We’ll do this is a different way, just going A to Z through the season.

A is for Aldrick. This was not a good season for Giants’ placekicker Aldrick Rosas. A year after making the Pro Bowl, Rosas has made only 11 of 16 field-goal attempts (68.8 percent) heading into Week 17. The only teams worse than the Giants in the field goal department is the Tennessee Titans, who have been staggeringly bad. Tennessee has made only 8 of 18 (44.4 percent) while employing four different placekickers this season. It could have been for Asafo-Adjei, but Big George ended up on IR and never had a chance.

B is for Baker, Beal and Ballentine. That’s DeAndre Baker, Sam Beal and Corey Ballentine, the trio of you defensive backs who are so important to the future of the Giants’ defense.

C is for Concussion. The Giants must have led the league in concussions. It seems like there has been someone on the injury report with a concussion all season, often multiple players. It could also be for Challenges, since Pat Shurmur has gone 0 for 7 on those.

D is for Danny Dimes. What else could it be for?

E is for Eli. This is almost certainly goodbye to Eli Manning. Thank you for 16 seasons of representing the franchise with class and for a pair of unforgettable Super Bowl titles.

F is for flip-cup. Daniel Jones and Eli Manning playing flip-cup a few nights ago at Hoboken bar was a fun highlight in a dismal season. That’s better than making it for fumble, which Jones specialized in as a rookie.

G is for Golden. As in Golden Tate and Markus Golden, a pair of veterans who were added as free agents in the offseason and have performed well. Tate hurt the Giants with a four-game PED suspension, but has 44 receptions, is third on the team in receptions per game at 4.4 and leads in receiving yards per game (60.8). Markus Golden has been an effective pass rusher and needs only a half-sack vs. the Philadelphia Eagles to become the first Giant with double-digit sacks in a season since Jason Pierre-Paul in 2014. G could also be for Gettleman, but we would need a whole lot more time for that one.

H is for high-ankle sprain. That is, of course, the injury that cost Saquon Barkley 3½ games and saw him play several at less than 100 percent. It also cost Daniel Jones a pair of games, which at least gave us what was likely one last opportunity to watch Manning play for the Giants.

I is for Isaiah Searight — This undrafted rookie managed to get himself suspended for a PED violation. He’s on IR and will probably never have an NFL career, anyway.

J is for Javorius. Because I wanted to use Buck Allen’s first name.

K is for Kaden. One of the best finds of the season by the Giants was tight end Kaden Smith, a rookie sixth-round pick by the San Francisco 49ers who was acquired on waivers. Smith should make Rhett Ellison expendable this offseason, freeing up salary cap money for the Giants.

L is for Lawrence. Dexter Lawrence, that is. The 350-ish pound human wrecking ball who plays defensive tackle for the Giants. Sexy Dexy moves in ways no man his size should be able to.

M is for Mayo. Linebacker David Mayo is another useful player the Giants collected off the scrap heap this season.

N is for nine. This season featured a nine-game losing streak, tying a franchise record. Thank goodness the Miami Dolphins showed up on the Giants’ schedule when they did!

O is for Odell. Because as long as he has been gone, it seems like nearly every day someone manages to at least mention Odell Beckham Jr. in the comments.

P is for Peppers. Jabrill Peppers didn’t exactly make Giants fans forget Landon Collins, but he did show that he is a good player.

Q is for questions. The Giants have a lot of them to answer this offseason.

R is for Rhule. If the Giants move on from Pat Shurmur, Matt Rhule of Baylor is the guy I would like to see at the top of the list of potential replacements. Of course, Ron Rivera is also an ‘R.’

S is for Slayton. Fifth-round pick Darius Slayton is perhaps the most pleasant surprise of the season for the Giants. A potential game-changing receiver in Round 5. Not bad.

T is for Tauaefa. Because I can actually spell it, and because rookie linebacker Josiah Tauaefa has the best hair on the roster.

U is for understanding. Because Janoris Jenkins’ lack of it got him run out of town.

V is for vacant. I know, you thought it would be for ‘Valentine.’ It is, though, for all the vacant seats at MetLife Stadium in the final few home games.

W is for Williams. How the heck are the Giants going to handle this Leonard Williams situation? The guy is a good player who is around the ball a lot and contributes to the success of the guys around him. He just doesn’t make a lot of plays on his own, which makes it hard to justify the draft picks the Giants gave up to get him or the big contract he wants to stick around.

X is for X-Man. As in rookie edge rusher Oshane Ximines. C’mon, what else is this one going to be for?

Y is for Yankees. Because I’m a Yankees fans the Gerrit Cole’s are going to be more fun to watch that the Giants were. A lot more fun.

Z is for Zeitler — Acquired from the Cleveland Browns in exchange for Olivier Vernon, veteran guard Kevin Zeitler was the Giants’ best offensive lineman.