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Valentine’s Views: Could Pat Shurmur have done enough to convince Giants to keep him?


New York Giants v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

I am on record as saying that if the decision were up to me Dave Gettleman would remain as general manager of the New York Giants and Pat Shurmur would be out.

I will stand by that. But ...

But, what if the Giants defeat the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday at MetLife Stadium and deny them a playoff berth? What if Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley light up the scoreboard again? What if Giants’ co-owners Steve Tisch and John Mara determine that the progress we have all been begging for is finally showing up?

What then?

As I write this, I honestly do not believe Pat Shurmur’s fate as head coach has been sealed. A few weeks ago when Tisch and mara were embarrassed and angry I would have given Shurmur no chance of remaining as head coach for 2020.

Now? I really don’t know.

I know that I have said repeatedly that the final three games should not outweigh what we learned in the first 29. They absolutely should not. I also know that human nature is such that the last thing we see is often the thing that is most influential in our decision-making.

Shurmur can make the case that the play of Daniel Jones, the health of Saquon Barkley, having Golden Tate and Sterling Shepard together and the emergence of Kaden Smith with Evan Engram on IR are finally allowing him to showcase what he can do with a fully functional offense.

I have said over and over that Giants’ ownership, I think, will look for reasons to avoid another massive overhaul rather than go through one.

It’s anybody’s guess as to whether or not Tisch and Mara believe Shurmur has given them enough reason to keep him at this point.

Something has to change on defense

When the Redskins drove 99 yards at the end of the fourth quarter on Sunday I messaged the following line to BBV’s Chris Pflum:

“That drive just got Bettcher fired.”

Maybe Shurmur is back as coach next season. If he wants to be, Dave Gettleman is probably back as GM. Defensive coordinator James Bettcher? Best start polishing that resume, Bettch!

As poorly as the Giants’ defense has played this season, especially after Gettleman has given Bettcher so much of what he wanted in the former of former Arizona Cardinals players, I just can’t see any way that Bettcher remains in charge of the Giants’ defense in 2020.

MetLife on Sunday

I am quite honestly not sure how engaged Giants’ fans are at this point in the season. I know for sure that Eagles’ fans travel and will be looking to snap up tickets to Sunday’s game. I am really curious to find out whether Sunday’s game feels more like a Giants or an Eagles home game.

Flip-cup fun

We had our fun here at Big Blue View with all of the videos of Daniel Jones and Eli Manning out on the town Sunday night. Let me just say Jones is a terrible dancer and I must have watched Manning toss napkins in the air for 10 minutes.

Still, I’m going to agree with Shurmur and with Giants radio analyst Lance Medow that it’s too bad players can’t go out and celebrate without having their fun documented for the world.

Here’s Medow:

Here’s Shurmur:

“The fact that they can’t go enjoy themselves without it becoming public, those are the things that I’ll never feel comfortable about.”

I get. I understand it. I happen to agree with Shurmur. I’m not always comfortable with some of the things we end up having to write about. Yet, it’s the world we live in and part of the job I get paid for.


I know many will look at victories over Miami and Washington and pooh-pooh the idea that those show progress. I would disagree. I look at games against the Arizona Cardinals and New York Jets earlier in the season as games against weak opponents that the Giants could have and should have won. Obviously, the Giants did not win those games.

The Dolphins and Redskins were teams the Giants should have beaten. They did what they were supposed to do. I find that to be progress.

Now, does that carry over from one year to the next? Who knows? What I do know is the next time the Giants get into a situation like they had Sunday they will know they have a quarterback who has met that challenge, who has shown he can win that kind of high-wire, no room for error game.

That’s a good thing.