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Giants at Redskins, Week 16: Big Blue View staff picks

How do our writers see this one unfolding?

NFL: NOV 24 Giants at Bears Photo by Patrick Gorski/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

How do your Big Blue View contributors see Sunday’s New York Giants vs. Washington Redskins game unfolding? Let’s find out.

Chris Pflum

This is one of those games I’m struggling to get a read on. We have a pair of rookie quarterbacks, a rookie receiving corps facing a rookie secondary, and a pair of injured offensive lines. To put it simply, this feels like on of those games in which anything can happen. I don’t think we can use the first meeting between these two teams as a benchmark for this one.

The Giants are coming off of a dominant and emotional win over the Miami Dolphins while Washington is coming off of a pair of hard-fought losses to the Green Bay Packers and the Philadelphia Eagles. Will Dwayne Haskins continue his rapid improvement over the last four games? Will Daniel Jones have any lasting effects from his ankle injury?

This is a game that should be winnable for the Giants, but it could also have the makings of a trap game for the Giants. They are facing a very good pass rush and a defense that has been able to create turnovers, which has been a dangerous combination for them this year. I think this will be a close game, but I think it’s possible that Washington surprises.

Pick: Redskins 24, Giants 21
Season record: 9-5

Joe DeLeone

Last week the Redskins hung around with the Philadelphia Eagles, almost pulling off the upset and knocking them out of playoff contention. The Eagles did prevail, ending what was an impressive day from Dwayne Haskins and the Washington offense. While some might use that surging improvement to argue in favor of the Redskins for this Sunday, the Giants did the same exact thing the week prior.

Daniel Jones is back, and ready to earn his third career win. Washington’s offensive line is one of the worst in the league, setting up an easy matchup for the Giants pass rush. Both teams have terrible records and showed improvement at the end of 2019. For this game, the Giants will have just a hair more offensive firepower.

Pick: Giants 24, Redskins 13
Season record: 10-4

Matt Williamson

Daniel Jones returns for a battle of first round rookie quarterbacks. Both have been up and down, but expect Haskins and fellow rookie, Terry McLaurin, to have the better game in this matchup. Still, this looks to be a competitive and fun game with hopefully something to build on for both teams.

Pick: Washington 27, Giants 24
Season record: 11-3

Emily Iannaconi

Redskins rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins told the media this past week that he does not like watching the film from the last time he played the Giants back in Week 4. In fact, he said, “I throw up watching that film.” Well, I think that Haskins has come a (relatively) long way since Week 4 and I expect him to be determined to prevent a repeat occurrence. He is coming off his best game of the season against the Philadelphia Eagles in which he finished 19-of-28 for 261 yards and two touchdowns. He has a real connection with fellow former Buckeye Terry McLaurin that will give the Redskins an advantage. And with Daniel Jones probably back at the helm for New York, I do not see the Giants coming out on top in this one at FedEx Field.

Pick: Redskins 27, Giants 21
Season record: 6-3

Joseph Czikk

This is a tough one to pick. You’ve got Adrian Peterson who has quietly had a fine season - 4.3 yards per carry and a chance to hit 1,000 yards with two remaining games of 108 yards each. You’ve got the young, emerging star Terry McLaurin, who sits at 833 receiving yards.

And then you’ve got a young quarterback in Dwayne Haskins who is determined not to repeat his week 4 performance against the Giants. When Haskins took over for Case Keenum in that first Week 4 meeting with the Giants, he went 9 of 17 for 107 yards and threw three interceptions. Will we see improvement from Haskins, or more of the same?

Truthfully, Washington is a very poor football team and Haskins is a young, mistake-prone quarterback. The same could be said for the Giants. Something tells me the Giants get it done in a sloppy affair.

Pick: Giants 28 - Redskins 24
Season record: 9-4

Ed Valentine

Can I really do it? Can I really pick the New York Giants to win a second straight football game? I certainly want to. The Redskins are awful. The Giants should be able to beat them again. Saquon Barkley looks healthy again. Some of the young defenders are showing signs of improvement. Win, though? I can’t pick the Giants to do that.

Pick: Washington 27, Giants 20
Season record: 10-4