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Giants news, 12/2: What others are saying about the bumbling Giants

Let’s get to your Monday headlines

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NFL: NOV 24 Giants at Bears Photo by Patrick Gorski/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans!

It is a good morning, despite the Giants’ 2-10 record. Unless, like yours truly, you have to travel into the snow storm hammering upstate New York to get home. If, like me, you’re out in that mess do everything you can to stay safe.

Here are your headlines.

Pressure piles on Giants' Pat Shurmur after eighth straight loss | SNY

Trying is nice. Progress is nice. But in professional sports, wins are all that matters. It can't be enough when Saquon Barkley says things like, "We practice like we are 10-2 ... but for some strange reason it's just not translating to the game right now."

You know what that is? It's the battle cry of a losing team. And you know what happens to teams that think they practice really well, but end up with a 2-10 record anyway? Coaches get fired and players lose jobs, because nobody really cares that Giants practices are apparently so spectacular. Those won't show up in anyone's highlight film.

This is what will matter: Down the stretch the Giants play the 5-7 Philadelphia Eagles twice, the 3-9 Miami Dolphins and the 3-9 Washington Redskins -- a team they beat 24-3 two months ago when they still had a season. There is no excuse -- none - for the Giants not to win a couple of those games, and to be competitive in all of them. Even with this "historically young team," if Shurmur can't squeeze out a win or two against that marshmallowy schedule, then maybe his 17-44 career record as a head coach really is all anyone needs to know.

Valentine’s View: Ralph Vacchiano is right, but a win or two at this point may not be enough to save Shurmur. For what it’s worth, the results on the field show the Dolphins and Redskins getting better. The Giants? Not close.

Pat Shurmur's Giants survival hinges on Daniel Jones test

Steve Serby says the rookie quarterback is the only one who can save Shurmur now. In my view, Jones’ development remains the most important thing on the Giants’ agenda, but this can’t be about one player.

Giants report card: This coaching staff looks clueless

Saquon Barkley's face says it all in his Giants nightmare

Here are the ugly numbers showing how bad things are for Giants — and why Pat Shurmur deserves to get fired (perhaps before end of this garbage season) -

Giants: Julian Love flashes potential replacing Jabrill Peppers

Giants are NFL’s laughingstock for 3 years running, and that’s on John Mara | But here’s who else you can blame -

There are some points I agree with in this post. Really, though, this ends up as what in my view is an excuse to take a shot at Eli Manning.

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