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Giants news, 12/17: Ernie Accorsi on Eli’s farewell, more

Let’s get to your Tuesday headlines

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NFL: NOV 24 Giants at Bears Photo by Patrick Gorski/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans!

Eli Manning’s Giants farewell brought Ernie Accorsi to tears

“It’s funny,’’ Accorsi said. “Everybody stereotypes you. I’m an Italian but I’m not an emotional guy. I don’t cry at funerals. I don’t cry. That doesn’t mean I don’t feel terrible about things but I’m not a crier, never have been. But I have to say I welled up when they cheered him off the field. I just felt so good he was able to get that, if that was his last game, that he was able to finish his career, at home at least, that way. Winning the game, which means the most to him anyway.

“I felt pretty nostalgic. This guy deserved that, because he had really been quite a soldier here.

“This guy shows up, controversial trade, goes to work, doesn’t ever embarrass the organization, shows up, plays every game, wins two championships, gets benched twice and never changes, never does anything to react to that and now he can walk away with class. What more can you ask when you go out and draft a player?’’

Peter King: I Won’t Be Surprised If Giants Fire Pat Shurmur | WFAN Sports Radio 66AM 101.9FM

Peter King doesn’t believe Sunday’s victory changed anything for Pat Shurmur or Dave Gettleman.

“I think the larger question is, are the Giants making suitable progress? I would be hard-pressed to say they’re making suitable progress, based on what I’ve seen this year,” said King. “I think that, even though it’s only been two years … I won’t be surprised if they fire Shurmur. I’d be slightly surprised if they fired Gettleman, but this is not a team that is in great personnel shape.”

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