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Daniel Jones or Eli Manning? We’re back to wondering who will start Sunday at QB for the Giants

Giants still don’t know how healthy Jones will be

NFL: Miami Dolphins at New York Giants Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

As the New York Giants begin to turn their attention toward this Sunday’s game in Landover, Md. against the Washington Redskins they are pretty much back where they started a week ago in terms of the quarterback position.

Daniel Jones is the No. 1 quarterback. Eli Manning is the veteran backup, hero of Sunday’s victory over the Miami Dolphins and a player the franchise would love to have end this season and likely his Giants’ career on a positive note.

The Giants right now have no idea which guy will be the quarterback vs. the Redskins.

“We’ll just have to see. ... we’ll just push him along like we did last week,” coach Pat Shurmur said. “We started the week with the idea that he might be ready to play and we’ll do the same this week.”

Jones is dealing with a high ankle sprain suffered against the Green Bay Packers. Manning has started the last two games. Jones practiced on a limited basis last week and warmed up early on Sunday. He appeared to be pushing off gingerly on that injured right ankle.

It sounds like Jones will play if he proves he is ready. If not, Manning will be back behind center.

“Eli earned all the really good things that happened yesterday over many, many years,” Shurmur said. “There is a lot to be enjoyed and I guess savored in some of the praise that Eli received. I think it was all for the right reasons.

“I hope Daniel takes something away from that.”

Here are more takeaways from Shurmur’s Monday conference call.

On if he has thought about ensuring that Sunday is Manning’s farewell ...

“No. Listen, if Daniel can’t go and Eli is our starter, we are going to go in with the idea that we’re going to put a winning performance on the field against Washington. So yeah, I don’t know — I think that’s overthinking it a little bit.”

On if late-season success could help the Giants’ young players next season ...

I think it helps if you use it as motivation to have an outstanding offseason. If the players that have played on the team this season recognize that what we did this year wasn’t good enough, and that if you believe in hard work and preparation, that it should be motivation to work hard in the offseason and prepare for next year.”

On prospects entering the 2020 draft ...

“I’m not looking at draft players now, and my coaches aren’t unless they’re doing it and I don’t know about it. I don’t think that’s the case. We sort of get connected to the draft as we get ready for the Senior Bowl. That’s the first real big event that starts the coaches’ intimate involvement with the draftable players. We certainly are all football fans. On Fridays and Saturdays in between meetings in the morning and the afternoon, we tend to follow college football, so we know about some of the better players in college ball. We’re aware of it from last year’s draft who might be a player that we’d be interested in. But in terms of studying them intimately, no, none of that. With regard to having done it any differently any place I’ve ever been, no, I can’t say we have.”

On whether he has had any conversations with ownership about his job security ...

“No, none of those conversations. No.”