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Top five moments in Giants vs. Jets history

The Meadowlands rivalry comes to a head Sunday afternoon

New York Giants v New York Jets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The New York Giants prepare for what is known as the “shortest road trip of the league” this Sunday afternoon when they play visitor to the 1-7 Jets. Since 1984, the two teams are the only organizations in the league to share a stadium at the same time.

At 2-7, The Giants are 2-point favorites over their neighbors. The Jets, meanwhile, are coming off of a loss to the previously winless Miami Dolphins.

There is a rivalry between these two New York teams caused by proximity that has created an entertaining history. They play every preseason, but face off in the regular season every three-four years and have never played each other in the Super Bowl. In the 13 times the teams have played in the regular season, the Giants have won eight games. Here’s a look back on what we think are the top five moments in Giants vs. Jets history.

5. Lifting the curtains, Dec. 24, 2011

Giants 29, Jets 14

Hours before the Giants and Jets were set to kick off, the Jets put black curtains over the four Super Bowl logos painted on the wall outside their locker room.

Because they were the home team, the Jets were allowed to control the displays. The Jets had the curtain up every home game because the logos were near the players entrance.

Before the game, the Giants let the Jets keeps the curtains up. After the Jets were handily defeated, 29-14, though, former left tackle David Diehl decided it was no longer fitting for the curtains to be there.

”Before the game we said fine, let them hang them up,” Diehl said. “But after the game -- after we took care of business -- we wanted to show them that this is an organization with pride and we exposed them.”

”I won’t mention what I thought,” coach Tom Coughlin said when asked about it.

Giants defensive captain Justin Tuck said: “The fact of the matter is, I have a Super Bowl ring.”

4. The Giants take five straight, 1993-2015

The Giants improve to 8-4 in series over 22 years

At one point in Giants-Jets history, the team met every three years. After the Jets won the matchup in 1993, the Giants earned victories in the next five, spanning 22 years.

The run changed the momentum for the Giants who were previously 3-4 against the Jets. Following the five-win streak, the Giants improved to 8-4 when playing their inner-city rivals.

One game, on Nov. 2, 2003 threatened to end the Giants’ years of domination. The 4-4 Giants were playing the 2-6 Jets. The Giants were winning 13-7 heading into the second half, but the Jets climbed their way back behind a four-touchdown performance by Chad Pennington. The game was knotted at 28 at the end of regulation.

Giants kicker Brett Conway missed a first 29-yard field goal in overtime. The Jets then found themselves on the Giants 32-yard line. On fourth-and-3, they elected to kick the ball. But Will Allen came off the right wing and blocked it, setting up the chance for redemption for Conway, who did not miss the second time. The Giants won, 31-28.

3. Jets end streak with overtime victory, Dec. 6, 2015

Jets 23, Giants 20

The Jets broke the winning streak in dramatic fashion with an overtime victory of their own 12 years later.

At 6-5, the Jets were in dire need of win in order to help secure an AFC wildcard spot, while the Giants were 5-6 and trying to clinch the top seed in the NFC East.

Former Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham recorded a 72-yard touchdown in the game and Dwayne Harris had an 80-yard punt return. Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick connected with Brandon Marshall for a game-tying touchdown.

The Jets kicked a field goal in overtime to take the lead. Giants kicker Josh Brown could have kept the Giants hopes’ alive, but missed the field goal. It was the first field goal he missed all season. The Jets went on to win.

2. Yale Bowl, Aug. 17, 1969

Jets 37, Giants 14

In the lead-up to the AFL-NFL merger, the Giants and Jets played each other in a preseason game at the Yale Bowl in New Haven, Connecticut. Despite being a preseason matchup, this game took on a life of its own as both teams competed for more than just a win.

The Jets were coming off of a win in Super Bowl III, as the first AFL team to win an AFL-NFL Championship game. Meanwhile, the Giants entered the game as underdogs and were facing criticism from the media and fans. The Jets would win the game, 37-14, and Giants head coach Allie Sherman was fired shortly after. The two teams have played each other in the preseason ever since.

1. The Christmas Eve game, Dec. 24, 2011

Giants 29, Jets 14

Many Giants fan consider this game to be a “Christmas miracle.”

Late in the 2011 season, the Giants were 7-7 and in must-win situations if they were to reach the playoffs. The 8-6 Jets, under the helm of coach Rex Ryan, were trying to make their second consecutive AFC Championship appearance.

The Jets had a 7-3 lead in the second quarter and the Giants were stuck at their 1-yard line. On a third-and-10 play, with arguably the season on the line, quarterback Eli Manning threw a short pass to wide receiver Victor Cruz around the 11-yard line. Cruz did not look back. Ninety-nine yards later, he was in the end zone, doing the salsa.

“There’s no question it sticks with you,” Ryan told Newsday in 2015. “If you could point to a play that turned not just the game around, but maybe the season around, it was that play. The Giants came out a totally different team, and they carried it through. It changed their fortune, and it certainly changed ours with that play and that loss.”