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FanPulse: Bye week blues — New York Giants fans say goodbye to their confidence

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You knew this had to happen eventually. The confidence of New York Giants has held fairly steady despite the mounting losses in recent weeks. Until Sunday’s disturbing loss to the previously 1-7 New York Jets, who had lost the week before to the at-the-time winless Miami Dolphins.

In the wake of that defeat, fan confidence in our most recent FanPulse survey plummeted to a season-low 8 percent.

Only fans of the Dallas Cowboys (Blogging The Boys, 7 percent), Detroit Lions (Pride of Detroit, 4 percent) and Washington Redskins (Hogs Haven, 3 percent) are showing less confidence in their franchise’s direction than are Giants fans. Eight percent of Cincinnati Bengals fans, tying fans who voted in our poll, are expressing confidence.

The 2-8 Giants, with six losses in a row, currently have the No. 3 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. Giants fans who voted in our recent poll earlier this week, overwhelmingly seem to hope that whoever that pick is he won’t be coached by Pat Shurmur.

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