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Giants news, 11/12: What others are saying about Pat Shurmur, Dave Gettleman, James Bettcher

Let’s get to your Tuesday headlines

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New York Giants v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans!

How long is the Giants’ leash for Pat Shurmur? - Sports Illustrated

... if you’re Mara the decision becomes: Do the thing you hate to do more than anything else twice in a row, or seriously gamble the near future with the hope that you will be rewarded similarly to the way you were with Coughlin (though Coughlin had a far better record through as many games and a track record of success prior to his time in New York).

The presence of a rookie franchise quarterback factors in significantly, as does the presence of Barkley, who has a high ceiling but a far shorter shelf life of usefulness. Let’s imagine the Giants keep Shurmur for the 2020 season in hopes that continuity leads to success but a version of this middling continues and they miss the playoffs. The team will then have gone eight combined seasons with Odell Beckham and Saquon Barkley with one playoff berth, essentially squandering the athletic prime of two of the most explosive skill position players of the decade.

This, from Conor Orr of SI, pretty much sums up where the Giants are.

What We've Learned About the Giants at the Bye Week

An accurate summary from Patricia Traina.

Pat Shurmur is a dead coach walking as Giants hit rock bottom with loss to Jets | Politi -

Losing to the Jets is the cherry on this sewage sundae for the Giants. It is the kind of loss that gets a head coach fired. It might not happen now, but it feels inevitable as this once proud franchise plods toward yet another lost season.

Shurmur may not be the right long-term coach for the Giants, but the farther away from Sunday we get the more I believe the Giants are going to be loathe to undergo major upheaval again.

Giants should start looking to 2020 with 2-8 mark

To be honest, they have pretty much been looking toward 2020 all along.

NY Giants: 5 questions John Mara must answer in deciding team's future

These are pretty apparent, and we have discussed many of them.

What the Giants' six-game skid means for their decision-makers - New York Giants Blog- ESPN

An analysis of where Pat Shurmur, James Bettcher and Dave Gettleman stand.

Pat Shurmur has one option left in Giants' unsettling reality

Steve Serby talks about Shurmur ruling the Giants with more of an iron fist. This is what I was getting at Monday in writing about getting rid of the locker room couches.

James Bettcher could be the first Giants domino to fall

Jettisoning Bettcher with six games remaining would be a cosmetic salve to appease a fan base that wants Shurmur and general manager Dave Gettleman to cease and desist and out the door today. There is no one on the defensive staff who has ever before served as an NFL defensive coordinator. Defensive backs coach Everett Withers was a head coach in college, at James Madison and Texas State. Anyone taking over could tweak what is going on, but wholesale changes on defense are not possible during the season. These players can barely function and comprehend a defense they’ve been exposed to for eight months. Can you imagine how they would respond to a whole new playbook?

Bettcher was dealt a bad hand with a roster of mismatched defensive players, but he has not come close to doing more with less. He has done less with less. The development of two first-round picks, rookies Dexter Lawrence and DeAndre Baker, is paramount for Bettcher. Baker has improved if only because he was so dreadful at the start of his NFL career and it looks as if the Giants will go into 2020 wondering if they made the correct call on him.

NFL draft: New No. 1 pick emerges, how Giants and Jets fill needs

Ohio State pass rusher Chase Young might not be a bad consolation prize for the Giants.

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