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Poll results: New York Giants fans overwhelmingly want Pat Shurmur fired

Question is, does Giants ownership feel the same way?

New York Giants v New York Jets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

If it were up to New York Giants fans, at least overwhelming majority who voted in our fire him/don’t fire him poll after Sunday’s ridiculously awful loss to the New York Jets Pat Shurmur would no longer be head coach of the Giants.

Eighty-seven percent (1,616) of the 1,858 respondents to our poll said Sunday night and Monday morning that the Giants should replace Shurmur as head coach.


Should the Giants replace Pat Shurmur as head coach?

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  • 13%
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  • 86%
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So, should they?

Co-owner John Mara was boiling mad Sunday evening. An obviously upset Mara blew past a group of reporters, including yours truly, headed to the locker room without even looking in their direction.

On the spot, Mara probably would have fired everyone connected to Sunday’s embarrassment. Shurmur. GM Dave Gettleman. The equipment guys. Everybody.

Mara, though, always says he has learned not to make decisions when he is emotional. I’m reminded of 2014, when the Giants lost to the 1-10 Jacksonville Jaguars, a seventh straight loss that dropped them to 3-9. Mara admitted wanting to fire Tom Coughlin on the spot. He didn’t, though, and the Giants won three of their last four games to finish 6-10.

That’s probably instructive as to what might happen here. Ownership isn’t likely to blow up everything during the bye.

Changes have to be made. After 26 games of the Shurmur-Gettleman era, the Giants are simply not making progress on the field. They are both clueless and not nearly talented enough on defense. They are getting their rookie quarterback knocked around. They have now wasted two prime seasons of the best running back the franchise has ever had, and they really haven’t shown an idea how to properly use him, anyway.

I doubt Mara and Steve Tisch have the stomach for their second mid-season purge in three years. There undoubtedly need to be changes of some type before the Giants face the Chicago Bears in two weeks.

I’m just not sure the biggest ones will come until the season is — mercifully — over.