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Giants-Jets ‘Kudos & Wet Willies’ review — Everything might have to go edition

Yes, we have to do this

NFL: New York Giants at New York Jets Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a bad day to be a New York Giants fans. Let’s not beat around the bush when it comes to that. Let’s start by getting to our traditional “Kudos & Wet Willies” review as we assess what happens now for the once again awful Giants.

Kudos to ...

Darius Slayton — If it looked like Slayton was the entire Giants offense on Sunday it’s because he was. Daniel Jones to Slayton was really about all the Giants had. Slayton caught 10 passes in 14 targets for 121 yards, including a catch-and-run touchdown on a 39-yard slant pass. The fifth-round pick now has 25 receptions and four touchdowns.

Jabrill PeppersPeppers kept showing up, especially in run support. He ended up with six tackles, one for loss, a quarterback hit and a pass defensed. The guy may not be an All-Pro, but he is showing that he can be a really good player.

Dalvin Tomlinson — Nine tackles and a sack for Tomlinson. For a guy who really isn’t supposed to be an impact player he played Sunday like, well, an impact player.

Riley Dixon — It’s probably not a good thing that Dixon is on this list, but he kicked the ball beautifully on Sunday. He averaged 53.5 yards on six kicks with a 45.5 net average.

Golden Tate — Four catches for 95 yards, including taking a screen pass 61 yards for a touchdown. The Giants haven’t won a game since Tate returned from his suspension, but he is certainly doing his part to help them try.

Markus Golden — A sack, two quarterback hits, two tackles for loss. Golden is another stand-up veteran who is being productive and giving the Giants everything they hoped for.

Wet Willies to ...

Coaching — Pat Shurmur. James Bettcher. Hal Hunter. Everett Withers. Blame whoever you want, but it is increasingly apparent that the Giants are not well-coached. They consistently fall behind quickly in games. Players seem unprepared. The Giants make similar mistakes each week and are not getting better. The game management and personnel usage continue to be questionable. They are not a great team. They should, though, be a mediocre one. They aren’t. They are an under-performing, bad one.

Aldrick Rosas — Another missed extra point for Rosas on Sunday, albeit from 42 yards after a penalty. Rosas has missed five kicks this season after missing just two all of last season. A Pro Bowler last year, he’s not right this year.

Saquon Barkley — How bad are things for the superstar running back these days? He couldn’t even dodge reporters and get out of the locker room on Sunday evening. Barkley appeared to try, taking a couple of steps toward the exit after getting dressed, but got cut off. Honestly, after the miserable game he had I wouldn’t have wanted to talk, either. Thirteen carries, 1 yard. How is that even possible? He missed two blocks, including basically getting run over by Jamal Adams on his strip/sack fumble recovery touchdown. He ended up in the X-ray room after the game. Barkley looked more discouraged after the gamne than at any time I can recall in his two seasons. It’s plain to see there is something wrong with Barkley that goes beyond still not being 100 percent after his high ankle sprain.

DeAndre Baker — Two pass interference penalties, including a 33-yarder that set up the Jets’ go ahead touchdown. A 47-yard completion allowed. Baker seemed to get more chances in man-to-man coverage on Sunday, he just didn’t do it well.

Offensive line — You knew there was potential for ugliness with two new starters on the line Sunday. When Nate Solder went down with a concussion, it got uglier. That forced Eric Smith into the game at left tackle, a position he admitted he was not prepared to play, and things got uglier. Six sacks of Daniel Jones. Am embarrassing lack of opportunity for Barkley. No chance to run a real offense.

This is an amazing stat:

Kwillie to ...

Daniel Jones — That’s where I land on the rookie quarterback. He played as well as he could have under the circumstances, except when he was fumbling. Jones threw the ball well (26 of 40, 308 yards, 4 TDs, 121.7 passer rating). He played with guts, as evidenced by an 11-yard run for a first down on a third and 10 on which he was running through Jets defenders to get the yardage he needed.

Pocket awareness and ball security continued to be an issue. He fumbled three times. On the Jamal Adams strip sack touchdown Jones — rather than protect the ball — took his left hand off the football right before Adams ripped the ball away from him