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Giants news, 10/5: DeAndre Baker, Dexter Lawrence showing improvement

Let’s get to your Saturday headlines

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New York Giants v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans!

“Tremendous” improvement from DeAndre Baker

After two rough games to start his NFL career, rookie cornerback DeAndre Baker has been better the past two weeks. Friday, defensive backs coach Everett Withers spoke about why:

“I think he’s really tried to focus and detail himself on the little things, and that means technique, fundamentals and communication. Those are all things … When you’re a college corner, you go stand out there, there’s no huddle and the guy comes to you,” Withers said. “Then all of a sudden, he’s playing in a game where we’re traveling Jack(rabbit) and he has to know where Jack is. He has to run on the other side of the field. In college, you never see those guys chase motion. They always stay on their side of the field. He had never done any of that.

“So, the little bit of what he did at Georgia really didn’t carry over here. Now, he’s having to learn just technique and fundamentals, and understand, ‘When I’m the inside corner, when I’m the outside corner’ and all of those things. It’s just taking him a little bit of time, but I have seen a tremendous amount of improvement from him.”

Shurmur “encouraged” by Dexter Lawrence

Like Baker, rookie defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence seems to be steadily improving.

“I think he’s a little bit like X-Man and some of these young defensive players that are doing it for the first time. They get more and more comfortable, so then you can see more and more of what they can do physically,” coach Pat Shurmur said on Friday. “I think he’s been pretty disruptive in there, actually. Even though he’s not getting sacks, the pressures and just the sheer size of that man when he gets going … I’m encouraged by the improvements he’s making out here, too. I think the better and better he gets in our system, the more he’ll have an impact in the games.

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