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Post-game quotebook: What the Giants were saying after 31-26 loss to Lions

Golden Tate, Darius Slayton and others weigh in after another loss

NFL: New York Giants at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants fell to the Detroit Lions 31-26 at Ford Field Sunday afternoon. Let’s go inside the locker room and find out what players were saying after the game.

Antoina Bethea on avoiding slow starts being down 17-0 last week and 14-0 this week:

“It’s something that we’ve been continuing to talk about. It’s just something that we’ve got to focus in on the details and stop beating ourselves. That’s what we’ve been doing these last couple weeks, just the small things that are creeping in and creating bigger things.”

Evan Engram on if QB Daniel Jones has become more vocal:

“Definitely, like I said a couple weeks back, he’s starting to come out of his little shell, his little rookie shell, a little bit. He is starting to be himself, communicating more and being more vocal. He has definitely grown in that aspect, becoming a leader and he backs it up with his play.”

Evan Engram on the Giants identity right now:

“We are a team that has to look in the mirror and get back to work. We are going to keep fighting, I have no doubt, no second guessing anybody in this locker room. It’s a long season, we have a lot more opportunities to go out and compete and we are going to get to work.”

Daniel Jones on his frustration:

“Yeah, we’re all frustrated. I think it’s tough losing games like this, and we know we’ve got to play better, we’ve got to make more plays. But, we’re certainly frustrated, but like last week, we’re not going to let it affect our preparation into this week. We’re not discouraged, and we are going to make sure that like I said, it doesn’t affect our preparation, and we attack this opportunity next week.”

Daniel Jones on why he enjoys throwing to wide receiver Darius Slayton:

“He’s a really good player. I think he’s come up for us and made a lot of big-time plays. I think we all have a lot of trust in him. Obviously, he’s super talented and his speed and just athleticism, but he’s shown to make those contested catches, the tough catches with people on him. So he’s done a great job for us.”

Quarterback Daniel Jones on positive takeaways from this loss:

“I mean, I think we’ve known we can move the ball on people. We’ve known we can score points and do that, so I’m not sure. You know, we didn’t do enough of it. I think like a lot of these games, we haven’t done enough of it and made the big time plays in big moments. But I think we know we’re capable, we know we can do it. It’s just a matter of doing it more consistently and at big moments in the game. So as far as what we can take from it, just to realize we’ve got to do it when it matters the most and do it consistently the whole game.”

Darius Slayton on what will push the team “over the hump”:

“Just more consistent execution. You know, I feel like we made a lot of plays, obviously like you said four touchdowns. You say, ‘a great game,’ but whatever. But obviously we didn’t execute well enough to win. So I think this is kind of the small things, you know. Just picking up a few yards here or there, making catches opposed to dropping them – like I did before the half, but just little stuff like that.”

Darius Slayton on what he is showing individually, as the team-leader in touchdown receptions:

“I mean, I am just out there trying to help my team win, you know. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make enough to win today, but I guess, just did a solid job.”

Golden Tate on his first impressions of Lions WR Kenny Golladay:

“When he first got there, I was like, ‘This dude is not very good.’ He quickly, quickly changed that. His work ethic – he showed up wanting to be good. In his first year, he showed us some glimpses of wanting to be amazing. The second year he did amazing. And – he’s on his third year now, right? His third year, he’s just thriving. He’s thriving. It’s been fun to watch him grow. To be drafted in the third round and doing the job that he’s doing – they’re dangerous over there between him, Marvin (Jones Jr.) and Danny (Amendola) and T.J. (Hockenson).”

Golden Tate on Jones trusting him and Slayton to make difficult catches:

“I mean, it says a lot. The relationship between all the receivers and D.J. (Daniel Jones) is getting better. It’s something we’re continually working on. It’s exciting to see him have a short-term memory. Week-in and week-out, there’s a chance to win. We completely believe (in) him, and I believe Eli (Manning) is doing a great job of teaching him the game – so is (Alex) Tanney. I see him on the defenses out at practice during that period, and he’s back working. You see other guys back there working as well. He wants to be really, really good. He’s taking that approach every single day.