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Matt Patricia the right coach for the Detroit Lions?

Let’s get answers to that and more in this week’s ‘5 questions’

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions Photo by Amy Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images

As we always do prior to a game, let’s get our ‘5 questions’ with a writer from the opposing team’s site. With the New York Giants facing the Detroit Lions, we turn to Pride of Detroit. Mike Payton answers our feeble queries.

Ed: A year and a half into his reign as head coach. what is the feeling about whether or not Matt Patricia was the right hire in Detroit?

Mike: Right now the feeling is that we don’t know. Patricia has been able to secure a few signature wins during his time here but has yet to show sustained success. The jury is still out.

Ed: Detroit has several former Giants on its roster -- Damon Harrison, Romeo Okwara, Devon Kennard, even Paul Perkins. I’m curious for thoughts on what the Lions are getting from those players?

Mike: The Lions are getting a lot from each of them except Perkins. Okwara and Kennard have been pleasant surprises for the most part and while Harrison is struggling this year, the expectation is that he will bounce back. They’ve each made a difference in one way or another.

Ed: The Lions are 2-3-1 with three straight losses. Are they about where they were expected to be entering the season? Have they been a disappointment?

Mike: We knew that the opening stretch of the season would be tough. In some ways the Lions are beyond what many thought they could be. They’re really some egregious calls, and an ill timed time out away from being a 5-1 team. The belief is if they can clean up some mistakes and get back to stopping the run, they should be able to go on a nice mid season streak and get themselves back into the thick of the race.

Ed: Look at the Giants’ roster. If you could take one player not named Saquon Barkley and put him in Detroit’s lineup, who would it be? Why?

Mike: I want Golden Tate back. While he’s not the same guy he used to be, he still has the ability to get yards after the catch in a way that few others can. He would easily fit right back into this offense with his former OC Darrell Bevell.

Ed: The Lions win Sunday if? The Giants win Sunday if?

Mike: The Lions win Sunday if they stop Saquon Barkley and keep up the offensive performance they showed last week. The Giants can win if they get Barkley going and work the play action game. The Vikings tore the Lions defense apart with that gameplan last Sunday.