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NFL power rankings 2019, Week 8: Giants continue to fall to No. 27

Here are this week’s power rankings

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Arizona Cardinals v New York Giants Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

After a disappointing loss to the Arizona Cardinals, the 2-5 New York Giants have fallen once again in the Week 8 NFL Power Rankings. The Giants dropped one spot from last week following the loss. Combine the seven rankings we have listed below, and the Giants sit at No. 27 in our aggregated rankings.

USA Today — No. 27

Now Pat Shurmur is fielding questions about possibly benching rookie QB Daniel Jones. Never change, New York media.

Yahoo! Sports — No. 27

When the Giants made Daniel Jones their starter, there was no turning back. He has struggled lately, but that’s no huge surprise. Most rookie quarterbacks do. Pat Shurmur did the right thing and shut down all speculation about going back to Eli Manning. If we see Manning start again this season, and it’s not injury related, that’s a really bad sign for the Giants.

Sporting News — No. 27

Daniel Jones keeps reminding us he is a rookie who at times can struggle to read NFL defenses and at other times deliver Danny Dimes. Saquon Barkley will do his best to lift the young QB, but the defense automatically puts the offense in precarious positions.

CBS Sports (Prisco) — No. 26

They had a chance to get back into the race with a victory over Arizona, but the offensive line was brutal. Daniel Jones has leveled out as a result of that.

ESPN — No. 27

The Big Lead — No. 28

Daniel Jones has hit some speed bumps. Saquon Barkley is back, but this defense is truly terrible. A watchable football team, though, which is an upgrade.

Bleacher Report — No. 27

The honeymoon is over for Danny Dimes. Rookie quarterback Daniel Jones took the Big Apple by storm when he peeled off wins in his first two games. Since then, though, things have been…um…yeah. In Sunday’s defeat to the Arizona Cardinals, Jones passed for 223 yards and a touchdown with an interception and two lost fumbles. Over the G-Men’s three-game losing streak, they have been outscored by an average of 15 points per contest, and Jones has played a significant part. He has just three touchdowns and seven turnovers over that span. Now, some of this is to be expected—rookie quarterbacks often struggle with turning the ball over early in their careers. And injuries to New York’s skill-position talent haven’t made things easier. But the excitement about Jones has been replaced by uncertainty—fear that maybe the No. 6 overall pick isn’t the surefire franchise quarterback some were quick to anoint him as.