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Big Blue View mailbag: Trent Williams trade, dealing Eli, more questions

The mail’s here!

Let’s get right to your New York Giants questions in this week’s Big Blue View mailbag.

Ed says: Sure, you “entertain” the idea of trading for a left tackle like Trent Williams. He is a seven-time Pro Bowl tackle, and those seven times happen to be the last seven seasons. I’m not sure, though, that you do it. If you could get him for a mid-round pick, maybe, but remember what the Giants are. They are a developing team that is going to, justifiably, be loathe to give up top draft resources for a player on the other side of 30. Williams is 31.

The Washington Redskins have denied having any conversations about trading Williams, and as fractured as that organization is it’s impossible to really know what their intentions are.

In the end, the Redskins might trade Williams. I don’t think, though, it will be to the Giants.

Gino Phillips asks: I realize that it is a little early, but barring further injuries or trades, what do you see as logical roster places for Sam Beal to replace in 3 weeks (should he practice well enough) based on the current roster makeup? Tanney, Dickerson, or the preferred of Skipper or Peace? Another DB?

Ed says: Gino, I appreciate the question. As you indicated, though, it’s was too early to try and figure that out. Whether it’s injuries, a move at the trade deadline, or something else these things have a way of working themselves out. As we sit here today, I don’t think I can even hazard an educated guess.

Frank Picazio Jr. asks: We’re a long way from the last game of season. Suppose the Giants are beating the Eagles at home by a fair margin. They get possession and have to use the victory formation to run out the clock. Would we see Eli come out to take a few snaps and ride off into the MetLife sunset of cheers?

Ed says: Frank, I don’t know how I feel about that or if it’s something the Giants would do. We don’t know if Eli Manning is going to retire. We don’t know if he will waive his no-trade clause — though I personally believe he won’t. We don’t know if the Giants will be in the playoff hunt at that point. We don’t know if Manning will be called upon to play due to an injury to Daniel Jones. And, please don’t go accusing me of jinxing Jones.

Giants’ ownership loves Manning and feels indebted to him for the two Super Bowl titles and the way he has represented the franchise for 16 years. If this is the end for him the Giants will find some way to make it special. Right now, I just have no idea what that might be.

David Brenner asks: Wondering if you think any of the current Giants will be traded before the deadline this year. Also, what do you think the Giants could get for Jackrabbit, Ogletree, and Tate? Is there any chance Eli would be traded?

Ed says: David, I addressed this topic earlier in the week. I believe the most likely to be moved in Janoris Jenkins. the Giants have to find out what they have in young cornerbacks Sam Beal, Corey Ballentine and Julian Love, but Jenkins’ $14.75 million cap hit complicates the possibility of moving him.

As for Eli Manning, no one really knows what Manning’s feelings are on that right now. Manning has a full no-trade, so he would have to OK any move. No idea right now if he would. No idea, to be honest, if there are any teams right now who think Manning could be a difference-maker who could help them get to the playoffs.

Bruce Frazer asks: What is your take on why Julian Love has not played in coverage to date? It would seem that given the problems Grant Haley has experienced in coverage this season it wouldn’t hurt to see what Love could do. I have read that the Giants are trying to groom him as a safety but he is after all corner. If Love isn’t up to the task it would’ve take long to find out, and given the expectations of this season why not let the young talent play?

Ed says: Bruce, it seems like I answer some version of this question almost every week. The Giants have been tight-lipped who is playing, who isn’t playing, and why those things are the case. I have said before that I think perhaps Love wasn’t as good in preseason as we made him out to be. And, yes, I know the Giants hyped him a bit by talking about how fortunate they were to get him in the fourth round. Still, that makes him a Day 3 draft pick, and Day 3 draft picks have to earn everything they get.

The Giants think Grant Haley and Antoine Bethea are better right now. For that matter, they have made it clear they think Michael Thomas and Sean Chandler are better. The Giants do see what Love can do. They have seen it every day on the practice field for months, and in the preseason games. If they thought he was better than the guys they are putting on the field, he would be playing.

As for “expectations of this season” I get that fans are thinking ahead. Pat Shurmur’s job, though, is to think about trying to win every time the Giants play. Which means he is going to play the guys he thinks can help him do that. Love hasn’t been one of them.

Jim Merrill asks: The 2019 season is almost half over. Has anything the Giants have done surprise you? How do you see team development moving forward, at about the same pace as so far, development increasing, or development slowing down? Or another way, has development peaked and becomes the new normal?

Ed says: Jim, the only thing that surprised me — and probably should have surprised anyone — is how quickly Daniel Jones took the starting quarterback from Eli Manning. The won-loss record and the performances of the different players and groups isn’t really any type of surprise. At least not to me.

I don’t know about development peaking or becoming the new normal. I know that you want to see Jones and the rest of the young players be better at the end than at the beginning. You want to feel like you’ve come out of the season having answer some of the questions that existed when the season began.

Digging out from under a half-dozen years of personnel mistakes is a painful, time-consuming process. I think the Giants are making progress, which is really all anyone can hope for.