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Patrick Mahomes injury: Could Eli Manning to Kansas City Chiefs actually happen?

Eli Manning playing for Andy Reid in Kansas City would be weird ... But could it happen?

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at New York Giants Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs should be riding high after a 30-6 victory over a division rival that featured their defense delivering nine sacks.

The wind, however, has been thoroughly taken out of their metaphorical sails by the knee injury suffered by quarterback Patrick Mahomes in the second quarter of the game. Mahomes suffered a dislocated kneecap on an ill-fated quarterback sneak.

In the wake of that injury, speculation has sprung up that the Chiefs, who are in position to win the AFC West and make a playoff run, could explore a trade for New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

Expectations are that Mahomes is likely out for only a few weeks, perhaps only three. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that Mahomes’ season is indeed over. Is a trade possible? Is it even the Chiefs best course of action? Their current backup is Matt Moore and they could promote rookie Kyle Shurmur (son of Pat Shurmur) from their practice squad.

There are, of course, some definite roadblocks to getting a deal done. First is, of course, Msanning’s no trade clause. He would have to waive that clause in order for any trade to happen. And while it would seem like a given that he would in order to get to play again, it’s something that would have to be considered. Likewise, is Manning’s contract, though the Chiefs have more than $22 million in cap space with which to work, so that can be accommodated.

But what would be working in the favor of a trade? Would it even be worth it to the Chiefs?

Despite being benched for Daniel Jones, Manning was not playing particularly poorly at the beginning of the season. He isn’t Mahomes (who, apart from Russell Wilson, is?), but Manning still has the physical ability to play the game. He would also have a decent familiarity with Andy Reid’s offense, as it forms the foundation for what Pat Shurmur does with the Giants. Likewise, Masnning and Reid would be familiar with each other from Reid’s time coaching the Philadelphia Eagles.

And finally there is the Spags factor. Steve Spagnuolo, now Chiefs’ defensive coordinator, is more familiar than most with Manning as the Giants’ defensive coordinator and interim head coach at the end of 2017. If he believes that Manning would give them a chance to make a postseason run (which would no-doubt mean being on a collision course with the New England Patriots), he would likely prove to be a vocal supporter.

The Giants likely wouldn’t net much in a trade as he would just be a short-term rental for the Chiefs, and a potential trade seems like a long-shot anyway at this point. But it does give us something to speculate about as the deadline approaches beyond whether the Giants will attempt to move Janoris Jenkins with Sam Beal returning.