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Poll: Do Dexter Lawrence’s dance moves deserve a “Kudos” or a “Wet Willie?”

Giants players chime in on ‘Sexy Dexy’ and his moves

New York Giants v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

In case you haven’t noticed, big Dexter Lawrence has his own sack dance. ‘Sexy Dexy,’ as the 6-foot-4, 340-or-so-pound Lawerence refers to himself on Twitter, apparently fancies himself a dancer.

Check this out, if you haven’t seen it.

So, while I was in the Giants’ locker room at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center on Thursday I canvassed the roster, asking players whether they thought ‘Sexy Dexy’ deserved a “Kudos” or a “Wet Willie” for his dancing skills.

Elijhaa Penny

“Kudos. I like it. Sexy Dexy. I like that.

“That’s a big man. He moves good, he’s got a lot of rhythm. I love it.”

Will Hernandez


“Great. Dude can dance. I saw it live when he got his first sack. It was cool. He can move.”

Jon Halapio


“I’m not surprised that he’s got some moves, man. He’s very fluid in his pass rush moves. It just makes sense that it transfers over to the dance moves.”

B.J. Hill

“Wet Willie.”

“It’s terrible. I don’t like it at all. It is what it is, if he likes it, he likes it. Naw ... it’s not bad.”

David Mayo

“Kudos. All the way, I’m all in for the big man moves.”

Sexy Dexy?

I asked a group of Giants cornerbacks that included Grant Haley, Antonio Hamilton and DeAndre Baker about Lawrence’s moves, and they simply couldn’t get past the idea that the big man calls himself ‘Sexy Dexy.’ Let’s just say that the trio was not happy, and leave it at that.

Hamilton, though, did admit that “Big Lexy (yes, Lexy) got the moves.”

Vote in the poll and tell us whether Lawrence’s dance moves earn a “Kudos” or a “Wet Willie.”


Would you give Dexter Lawrence a "Kudos" or a "Wet Willie" for his dance moves?

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