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FanPulse: Giants’ fans more confident than any NFC East fan base


Despite last week’s loss to the New England Patriots that dropped the team’s record to 2-4, fans of the New York Giants actually appear to be gaining confidence in the direction of the franchise.

In our most recent FanPulse survey, 66 percent of Giants fans who participated said they were confident. That is up from 61 percent prior to the 35-14 loss to New England. Fan confidence has remained pretty steady, between 61 and 71 percent, the last four weeks.

Interestingly, Giants fans are showing more confidence than the fan bases of any team in the NFC East. Only 34 percent of fans at Bleeding Green Nation (Philadelphia Eagles) 9 percent of fans at Blogging the Boys (Dallas Cowboys) and 2 percent of fans at Hogs Haven (Washington Redskins) are expressing confidence.

So, the Giants might not be winning the division in the standings. They do, however, appear to have the happiest fans. For now.